Watch Seventeen Learn These TikTok Dances at Such an Impressive Rate

There’s no denying that the guys in SEVENTEEN can bust a move. I mean, that’s like a standard necessity for anybody in a chart-topping K-pop group. They’ve performed their skilled choreo for packed crowds around the world, so of course, we had to tap the boyband to join us for our TikTok Challenge Challenge series.

Here’s the deal: this game is all about mastering the most popular dances on TikTok. No sweat for anyone with basic dance abilities and some patience right? Well, we add some challenge and give our contestants 60 seconds on the clock to learn the routines, because it’s way more fun to watch them panic, duh!

We grouped off the 13 members of Seventeen and put them up to this ultimate TikTok test. Safe to say that even the band’s confused half-effort dance attempts looked ten times better than a full-out performance from any of us common folk.

In the spirit of friendly competition, we put the groups head-to-head and had them vote on which unit had the TikTok masters. Check out the full vid to see if you agree with who came out on top!

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