Wanna Learn How to Talk Dirty? This Exclusive 7-Day Challenge Was Made for You

Like teaching yourself a TikTok dance or recreating nail art you saw on IG, dirty talk is something that seems pretty easy in concept…but can be suuuper awkward to actually execute. Even if you do feel 🤤 for your partner in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to know how to convey your ~sexy thoughts~ without sounding like you’re starring in a low-budget adult video that exactly no one would want to watch (*shudders*). But that’s where we come in!

First things first: Why is talking filthy so damn great? In addition to being v hot, dirty talk can help you feel more connected to your partner or to your own sexual desires—or both! Using it can also help improve your confidence in the bedroom, which is always a good thing. So! If you’re interested in learning how to spit smut like a GD pro, then this seven-day challenge is definitely for you.

We won’t just train you in what to say either: This “challenge” is also about becoming more comfortable vocalizing your desires between the sheets and owning your sexuality, which will get both you and your lover turned right TF on.

Over the course of this seven-day challenge, you’ll learn:

This weeklong exercise is designed to help you boost your sexual confidence so that when it comes time to put your techniques into practice, you’re not left tongue-tied and unsure of what to say.


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