Voice of the Mirror: Qatar World Cup stadium pay is morally indefensible

Oil-rich Qatar paying World Cup migrant workers as little as 82p an hour is morally indefensible when the average income there tops £100,000 a year.

This exploitation of visitors from developing nations is stomach-churning so it’s no wonder Amnesty International fears Qatar is breaking promises to improve conditions.

The regime has long been criticised over the gruesome death rate among men toiling in the sweltering heat and dangerous conditions.

Qatar, which wants the world to visit and marvel, enjoying the beautiful game in 2022, must fulfil its responsibilities to guest workers – and that means boosting safety and offering a decent day’s pay for a decent day’s work.

Poverty cannot be pleaded by the state, so paying migrant workers such a pittance is simply unacceptable.

Tories’ shame

The Tories should hang their heads in shame after a respected international group condemned welfare cuts that mean children are going hungry.

Criticism by Human Rights Watch can’t be easily dismissed by Conservative MPs when its denunciations of abuses in other nations, from Russia to North Korea, are endorsed by the same Tories.

Food, heating, clothing, education, health and a home are as fundamental as free speech and protection from arbitrary arrest.

Censure from a body usually found champ­ioning oppressed people in dictatorships
and war zones is the ultimate condemnation of Conservatives.

Defying terror

The determination of Lisa Roussos – the seriously injured mother of the Manchester bombing’s youngest victim – is truly inspiring.

Lisa’s charity walk to help survivors of terrorism demonstrates the unbeatable, defiant, wonderful spirit of people, a city and the country. It shows we will never be beaten by hate-filled, violent extremists.

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