Tiffany Trump's Cannes Trip Cost Americans Nearly $20,000

While you were counting down the hours until Summer Fridays take hold, one 25-year-old law student was lounging in a 5-star hotel in the South of France — on the taxpayers' dime.

That socialite-cum-J.D. candidate is none other than Tiffany Trump, who ventured to the French Riviera alongside a gamut of A-listers in town for the Cannes Film Festival. What’s she doing at Cannes, you ask? She’s not a movie star, sponsored model, or film critic (as far as we know), so there’s really only one conclusion we can realistically draw: She's just enjoying herself (and, if her Instagram Stories are any indication, some pizza).

We wouldn't normally care about the indulgences of a wealthy 20-something, but Tiffany isn't your average Rich Kid of Instagram. As the president's daughter, her travels carry a price tag for the American people. And there were no Motel 6 stops on the road to Cannes — Trump and her security detail opted for a four-night stay at the JW Marriott along Boulevard de la Croisette (i.e. directly on the plage). Trump’s damage (i.e. OUR damage)? A cool $19,213, according to receipts. Add the travel costs and we’re looking at well over $20,000.

Trump and her boyfriend, Michael Boulos, were also spotted outside Le Majestic during their trip, so it’s safe to say the beachside escape has been cushy.

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Keep in mind, this is hardly the first time Tiffany’s personal travel plans have racked up American dues in the quintuple digits. Her spring break trip to Belgrade reportedly cost taxpayers $23,000. 

Though, to put things in perspective, Tiffany's getaways have got nothing on the regular trips that her dad takes to Mar-a-Lago. According to NPR, President Trump's vacations down the coast cost taxpayers about $3.4 million each

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