This Morning viewers slam mother-of-one for seeing family at Christmas

Mother who plans to spend Christmas with her grandparents is slammed as ‘selfish’ by This Morning viewers even though it’s within the rules – as they argue families should stay separate to avoid another spike in Covid cases

  • Lora Evans, 33, from Swansea, appeared on This Morning to share festive plans
  • Mother said she plans to celebrate Christmas with her family within bubbles
  • Revealed she hopes to spend the big day with her husband’s grandparents
  • Viewers were highly critical of her attitude, with some calling her ‘selfish’ 

This Morning viewers slammed a mother-of-one who appeared on the programme today to reveal she plans to see her elderly relatives this Christmas.

Lora Evans, 33, from Swansea, who lives with her husband Gary and six-year-old son Harry, discussed her family’s festive plans for December and said she was determined to spend the big day with her elderly relatives within a Christmas bubble. 

She explained she felt ‘a lot of people are at breaking point’, saying: ‘Christmas Day is the one day of the year that you should be able to see your loved ones. Mental wellness and health is just as important as what’s been going on with Covid.’

However viewers were highly critical of her attitude, despite her plan to stay within the government’s bubble restrictions, with many branding her ‘selfish’.

This Morning viewers slammed Lora Evans, 33, from Swansea, who appeared on the programme today to reveal she plans to see her elderly relatives this Christmas

One commented: ‘You’d think after she’s already lost someone, she’d want to be a bit careful with the old ‘uns. Having said that, plastic surgery isn’t cheap and you gotta get that sweet inheritance.’ 

Meanwhile another wrote: ‘Very selfish thoughts by that speaker. Does not think about the bigger picture at all, but thinking about herself.’  

Lora appeared on the programme alongside Celia Walden, who called the new Christmas bubble concept ‘way too much too soon.’

Celia explained: ‘We’ll all get a bit drunk and sit too close together round the dinner table.’ 

Social media users were highly critical of Lora’s plans, with some suggesting it was ‘selfish’ to see elderly relatives over the festive period 

She added that she and husband Piers Morgan ‘decided not to see family months ago’, adding: ‘We’re close to the end…We decided to leave it this year.’

Meanwhile Lora revealed: ‘I lost my gran in the first lockdown and that was devastating but it goes to show you never know how long you’ve got your grandparents for.  

‘It put the emphasis on, I do want to see my family at Christmas.’

The mother-of-one added: ‘If my nan had been alive this Christmas, absolutely I would ave seen her in a heartbeat. 

Lora said that her grandmother’s death from Covid-19 during the first lockdown had put an emphasis on spending time with family this year  

‘One thing I really regret is because she had Covid, I couldn’t visit her. That still haunts me now, I couldn’t really say goodbye. 

‘The care assistants did it by video call, but its not the same as being there in person.’

She continued: ‘People need to that personal touch, they need to visit their loved ones. We don’t know how long we’ve got.’ 

Lora explained that, despite her age putting her at a higher risk of catching the disease, her grandmother-in-law would be coming over to spend the holiday with the family.

While Philip questioned if five days of Christmas was worth dying over, Lora said she was willing to take the risk 

She said: ‘It was their idea, they would be devastated if we didn’t see them over Christmas. They would have been so, so sad.’

What are the Covid restrictions for Christmas? 

– What is a Christmas bubble and when can I join one?

People will be allowed to form an exclusive Christmas bubble made up of people from no more than three households between December 23 and 27.

This rule applies across the whole of the UK.

– Can I be in more than one Christmas bubble?

No. Christmas bubbles will be fixed for the period they are permitted.

You are also not allowed to change your Christmas bubble once it is formed.

– Is there a limit to how many people can be in a Christmas bubble?

The Cabinet Office guidance only stipulates that the bubble should not include people from more than three households.

However, it highlights that the more people someone sees, the more likely they are to catch or spread Covid-19, and asks the public to be mindful of risks before agreeing to form a bubble.

The Scottish Government said people should keep the numbers within a bubble as low as possible and minimise the length of contact between different households in the bubble. 

– Can I form a Christmas bubble if I am clinically extremely vulnerable?

Yes, but people are warned this involves greater risks.

If someone decides to join a bubble they should take extra precautions, while others within the group should be extra vigilant in the days before getting together.

The mother-of-one added that she planned to remain vigilant the week before Christmas to avoid becoming infected.

She said: ‘We’re not going to go out at all for the week before we meet up and self isolate, and if anyone of us have any symptoms at all, we wont take the risk.’ 

She went on to say she felt suicide rates could rise if people weren’t allowed to see their families at Christmas, adding: ‘Being alone can be really detrimental to mental health.’ 

But Phil quickly pointed out that there would be ‘inadvertently’ people who come into contact with those who have Covid-19 and became infected.

He asked: ‘Is it worth dying for five days at Christmas?’

The mother-of-two responded: ‘For me, when you put it like that, it sounds horrendous.

‘For me, it was so important to see my family and my in-laws and it’s important for my son to see them.

‘My in-laws have all been self isolating all year so there is no chance of them transmitting to me, they literally haven’t left the house for a year.’

‘I’m going to make sure I self-isolate for a week before. For me to see them at Christmas, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

‘My son has missed out on so much, they’ve had Halloween  cancelled, Bonfire Night cancelled, he couldn’t see his friends in the summer.

‘To  begrudge a child seeing his family at Christmas, it’s just not on. He wants to see his family just as much as they want to see him. For me, it’s a risk I’m prepared to take.’ 

However viewers were highly critical of the mother-of-one, with many saying she was ‘selfish’  for seeing her family over the festive period.

One wrote: ‘To be an adult or not. One day a year might mean it’s the last time you see your family ever, because you don’t have the patience to forgo Christmas for one year.

‘Childish nonsense to say it’s devastating you can’t party. Get perspective, don’t die.’ 

Another commented: ‘Some of our loved ones will be working in the hospitals and care homes on Christmas Day. 

‘They will, also, be picking up the pieces of the selfish masses who just ‘had’ to mix and mingle over Christmas.’ 

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