These vintage photographs demonstrate old-school approach to parenting

Who needs health and safety! Hilarious vintage snaps reveal parents’ VERY relaxed approach – including keeping a pet lion and sharing their cigarettes

  • Bored Panda has collated vintage photographs showing old-school parenting 
  • Gallery shows parents and kids doing things that would horrify youth of today
  • One father tried to teach children to swim by tying them to end of fishing rod

While many of us hear endless tales about what life was like growing up for our elder relatives, the reality is still hard for younger generations to grasp. 

But Bored Panda has made things a little easier to visualise after collating a series of vintage photographs which demonstrate an old-school approach to parenting. 

The amusing gallery shows parents from around the world and their kids doing various things that would horrify the youth of today. 

From one mother who demonstrated her love for her son when she lay on the ground and made herself into a ramp for his new bike in the eighties, to another who raised a pet lion for two years back in 1959, these pictures are sure to have you gasping out loud. 

Another father tried to teach his children to swim by tying them to the end of a fishing rod, while a further was playing with fire when he encouraged his young daughter to handle a sparkler.  

Buckle up! One lady sent in a picture of her mother and grandmother demonstrating the lack of safety standard back in the Sixties

The lion’s den! One person’s parent raised a pet lion for two years  back in 1959 – and even took it for walks like a dog

Holy smoke! The boy in this photo from 1982 was dressed up like his dad – complete with uniform and cigarette

Beer goggles! While some may argue a toddler drinking beer is the most surprising factor in this 1991 photograph, a closer look reveals he’s also holding a baby crocodile

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Playing with fire! This lady decided to send in a picture from 1985 – an era when her dad’s parenting skills were somewhat questionable

Taken for a ride! This Eighties photo shows the moment a mother demonstrates her love for her son – when she lay on the ground and made herself in a ramp for his new BMX

Hook, line and sinker! This photograph, which dates back to the 1930s, shows one rather risky way a father tried to teach his children to swim

On thin ice! It seems one couple struggled to get a babysitter back in 1937, so invented a contraption to take their baby ice-skating with them

Car-azy! In 1958, car safety involved a mother sticking her arm out to stop her baby from falling forward

Cool dude! One guy posted this photo of himself from 1958, which shows him relaxing after his bath with a cigar 

Bedside manner! This Canadian mother celebrated the birth of her baby with a smoke and roasted chicken in hospital in 1978

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