The Highest Grossing Beyoncé Knowles Films, Ranked

Besides her marriage to the massively famous rap/hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z, Beyoncé is also internationally known for her R&B, pop, soul, and hip-hop crossover hits that she has published both during her time with Destiny’s Child and during her solo career. She, along with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, made Destiny’s Child into one of the best-selling girl groups of their time.

Following her departure from the group, a few of her number one hit singles include Crazy In Love, Baby Boy, Irreplaceable (written by R&B singer Neyo), Single Ladies, and Halo from her chart-topping album, I Am…Sasha Fierce. But like many other musicians who reach her level of success, she crossed over into the film industry, where she also displayed a remarkable talent as an actress. Here are 8 of the highest-grossing Beyoncé Knowles films, ranked.

8 The Lion King – $1.651 Billion

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Based on the original release of the animated film in 1994, which was equally a major financial success nearing the $1 billion mark, The Lion King is a photorealistic computer-animated musical drama that was released in 2019. The film was such a financial success grossing $1.651 billion globally. Following the concept of the original Lion King, it reenacts the details of the birth of Simba, played by the multitalented Donald Glover, to his parent King Mufasa (James Earl Jones) of the Pride Lands, and his mother Queen Sarabi (Alfre Woodard). After Mufasa is set up and killed by his brother Scar (Chiwetel Ejiofor), Simba is driven into the wilderness, leaving Mufasa to reign as king with the hyenas. While in exile, he befriends a meerkat and a warthog named Timon and Pumba (Billy Eichner and comedy king Seth Rogen). Nala (Beyoncé Knowles-Carter) then finds him and encourages his return to the Pride Lands to defeat Scar and reclaim his inheritance as king.


7 Austin Powers In Goldmember – $296.34 Million

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Right on the heels of her first debut album, Dangerously in Love, in 2003, Beyoncé starred in what would become known as her breakout role in the 2002 spy comedy, Austin Powers in Goldmember. The movie would be the third installment in the Austin Powers film series starring its main character, Austin Powers, played by Mike Myers. As with all his other Austin Powers films, Myers played multiple roles, such as that of the antagonist Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard. In this series, he also plays the role of Johann van der Smut, also known as Goldmember. Beyoncé plays the role of his former love interest, FBI agent Foxxy Cleopatra. Together with Powers, she fights to stop Dr. Evil and Goldmember from using a tractor beam to pull a meteor into the earth. The film went on to gross $296.34 million worldwide.


6 Epic – $262.794 Million

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Directed by Chris Wedge, the creator of the animated movies Robots and the original Ice Age movie, the fantasy action-adventure film Epic fell right in line as another successful project. The film follows a 17-year-old girl named Mary Katherine on M.K., played by Mean Girls actress Amanda Seyfried, who moves in with her scientist father Professor Bomba (Jason Sudeikis) after her mother dies. Her father has spent his entire life looking for tiny humanoid soldiers called Leafmen, who protect the forest from evil created called Boogans and their leader, Mandrake (Christoph Waltz). She is convinced otherwise after Queen Tara, voiced over by Beyoncé, shrinks her and charges her to give a special pod to a glowworm wizard named Nim Galuu (Steven Tyler) before she dies. M.K. then goes on a wild journey of adventure and love. The film grossed $262.794 million at the box office.


5  The Pink Panther – $158.926 Million

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If you’re looking for a goofy actor to give life to a comedy film, look no further than Steve Martin. The Pink Panther is a comedy-spy film that was released in 2006 as a reboot of The Pink Panther franchise, making it the tenth installment in the series. The film follows Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin), a clumsy French policeman who is promoted to the rank of inspector by Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus (Kevin Kline) after French coach Yves Gluant (Jason Statham) is killed by a poisoned dart while wearing the Pink Panther diamond ring.

Unbeknownst to Clouseau, the Chief Inspector assigns a secret team to crack the case and has officer Gilbert Ponton (Jean Reno) keep an eye on him. However, he puts together clues of his own and decides that Gluant’s girlfriend, pop star sensation Xania, portrayed by Beyoncé Knowles is next to be killed. Clouseau and Ponton find out that the French team’s trainer, Yuri, is the assassin, and he is taken into custody. Against a budget of $80 million, the film grossed $158.926 million globally.

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4 Dreamgirls – $155.62 Million

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In 2006, Dreamgirls was released as a musical drama adaptation of the 1981 Broadway musical of the same name directed by Bill Condon, director of countless other film successes such as Gods and Monsters and the Twilight Saga. The film is heavily inspired by the story of The Supremes from Motown Records. Perhaps the most spectacular aspect of the movie was the stellar cast of characters that were given roles alongside each other, from actor/singer Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, and Danny Glover, to Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, and Loretta Devine. Against a budget of $80 million, the film grossed a total of $155.62 million at the box office.


3 Obsessed – $73.964 Million

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Obsessed is a psychological thriller that was released in 2009 and would be listed as her fifth major movie appearance. The film is a great reminder of why you should never be too trusting friendly with people too quickly, because they may misinterpret your kindness for a deeper interest. The film highlights the life of an accomplished finance company executive named Derek Charles, acted by Idris Elba and his wife Sharon (Beyoncé Knowles). The two share a two-year, Kyle. Their seemingly perfect life is rocked when Derek befriends a temporary worker named Lisa (Ali Larter) After she is rejected by Derek on numerous occasions, her actions toward him, and his family, turn deadly. Obsessed saw considerable box office success of $73.964 million against a $20 million budget.


2 The Fighting Temptations

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There’s no denying the fact that Beyoncé’s serenading musical talent qualifies her, even more, to land acting gigs off the rip, especially if the movie is centered around music. The film describes the hardships of Darrin Hill, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., after he and his choir-singing mother-turned-R&B artist, MaryAnn Hill (Faith Evans) are exiled from their church for singing secular music. After she is killed in a hit-and-run, Darrin is considered successful, albeit through many false pretenses. He returns to Monte Carlo after learning that his beloved Aunt Sally died and has left him in charge of directing the church choir so they can enter the “Gospel Explosion” to win the prize money of $10,000. While there, he reconnects with his childhood friend and R&B Club singer, Lilly (Beyoncé’s Knowles), who he convinces to become the new choir lead singer. Other actors include comedy bad boy Mike Epps, Angie Stone, Wendell Pierce, and Yolanda Adams.


1 Cadillac Records – $8.9 Million

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On her own, Beyoncé has a net worth of $500 million which includes a track record of non-stop success, evident in both the music and film industries. With a resume as impressive as hers, losses are few and far between. Her 2008 appearance in the biographical drama, Cadillac Records, is an exception, however. The film basically details the life of Leonard Chess, reenacted by Adrien Brody, a Jewish immigrant from Poland who hires guitarist and Blues singer Muddy Waters (Jeffrey Wright) and Harmonica player Little Walter (Columbus Short).

The success of Chess’ two-man band leads to the formation of his new record label, Chess Records, with which he opens the door for many black musicians in the 1950s. The popularity of Chess Records attracts singers like Etta James (Beyoncé Knowles) and rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry portrayed by the rap legend Mos Def. Despite a great lineup of actors, the film flopped at the box office with $8.9 million against a $12 million budget.

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