‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Hannah Meets Her Hunky Suitors & Learns 1 Of Them Is Already Lying To Her

Hannah Brown’s journey to find love began during the May 13 premiere of ‘The Bachelorette’ — and she proved from the get-go and she’ll be taking NO nonsense from any suitors who are trying to play her!

Season 15 of The Bachelorette begins with a look back at Hannah Brown’s journey to this point, during which she admits she’s always struggled with the need to be ‘perfect.’ However, she’s more than ready to shed her insecurities, be herself, and find someone who is willing to love her for all of her. Before Hannah meets the guys, though, we get to know some of them first. Tyler is a general contractor from Florida who loves to dance and is confident his outgoing personality will help him connect with Hannah. Peter is a pilot from California who can’t wait to share his spontaneity and love of adventure with Hannah.

Then there’s Mike, an air force vet from Dallas, who now works as a portfolio manager and is ready to shift his focus from his career to his love life. Joe, who’s from a big Italian family, works in a box factory and wants to find love like his parents and sisters. Matt D. comes from a family with two deaf parents and a deaf brother, who are all Alabama fans just like Hannah, so he’s excited to hopefully introduce them to her. Connor S. is a sales manager who’s super close with his “diverse” family, and Luke is a former ‘playboy’ who had an ‘encounter with God’ that made him change his ways and start working on becoming the best possible husband he can be.

The first guy Hannah meets is Garrett, a golf pro who’s also from Alabama and kicks things off with a cute, but corny, golf joke. Next, Mike tells Hannah how pretty he thinks she is, and Jed lets her know that he can’t wait to “get to know [her] heart.” Tyler compliments Hannah’s smile, Dylan vows to be as authentic as Hannah, and Connor S. makes a BIG entrance by jumping a fence for Hannah, just like Colton Underwood famously did for Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor.

Next to arrive is Devin, who tells Hannah he’s a virgin, like Colton was, but quickly lets her know he’s just joking. He’s followed by John, who lets Hannah know she can call him ‘John Paul Jones,’ and Brian, who gets nervous and has trouble forming words around Hannah. Several other guys also experience some nerves while meeting Hannah, which she cannot believe.

Joe makes a huge entrance by getting delivered in a box and popping out to surprise Hannah, and several other guys follow with bold greetings that rub some of the other men the wrong way. Throughout the night, Hannah is also reacquainted with the five guys she met on After the Final Rose, including Cam, who she gave her first rose to during the live show in March. He raps for her again when he arrives at the mansion, and she can’t wipe the smile off her face.

Chasen gives Hannah a paper airplane so she remembers that he’s a pilot, and Matt D. arrives on a tractor to make a big impression. Meanwhile, Peter seems to make a great first impression on Hannah, as she arrives in his pilot uniform AND gives her a pair of his wings.

Before taking her one-on-one time with the guys, Hannah urges all the guys to keep it REAL with her. Luke, who Hannah previously met on ATFR, is the first man to pull Hannah aside, which immediately leaves a bad taste in some of the other guys’ mouths. Luke turns on the charm with Hannah and admits he’s feeling “strong feelings” already.

Many of the guys pull out all the stops to get recognized by Hannah, like Connor S., who throws her a mini ‘bachelorette party,’ and Jed, who sings her an original song. Cam gets the first kiss of the season, but only after asking permission first! After spending time with a lot of the guys, Hannah is confident that she’ll find love, and gushes over how comfortable and important all the guys made her feel.

However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some reservations, so she calls in her friends from The BachelorDemi and Katie, to run surveillance. Before coming to spy, Demi received a message on social media that told her that one of the guys, Scott, has a girlfriend back home. Demi and Katie confront Hannah with the information, and she’s shocked, as she enjoyed her previous conversation with Scott. She wastes no time calling Scott out to talk in front of the WHOLE group. He denies having a girlfriend, but gets flustered when Hannah calls him out for “keeping a girl back at home to be safe” if things didn’t work out on the show.

Naturally, Hannah is pissed that Scott is on The Bachelorette for the wrong reasons. He finally admits that he was dating a girl until just DAYS before he came on the show, and he tries to justify it by saying his situation is the same as her dating Colton right before becoming the Bachelorette. Hannah is flabbergasted, calls Scott a jerk, and sends him packing. SLAY!

Hannah begs the other guys to “leave now” if they also have someone else at home, but everyone sticks around. When she steps away to take a moment to herself, Luke is the first guy to take the initiative to comfort her. Eventually, Hannah pulls herself together and vows to focus on the “positive things,” as well as the people who are there for “the right reasons.”

After a long night, Hannah gives her first impression rose to Luke, so he and Cam, who received a rose on After the Final Rose, are safe going into the rose ceremony. At the rose ceremony, 20 other guys get roses, which means that 7 more, in addition to Scott are eliminated. The eliminated guys are: Brian, Chasen, Hunter, Joe, Matt, Ryan and Thomas. Hannah’s journey continues during the next episode on May 20!

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