‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Cam Boldly Crashes A Group Date After Not Getting Invited

On the May 20 episode of ‘The Bachelorette,’ one guy makes waves by telling Hannah he’s already falling in love with her. Plus, a crasher threatens to ruin an entire group date!

Hannah Brown is going on her first dates during the May 20 episode of The Bachelorette! First up is a group date for Grant, Luke S., Mike, Jed, Jonathan, John Paul Jones, Dylan and Luke P. Since Hannah is a pageant girl, it’s only fitting for her to make the guys compete in a pageant of their own to determine who’s ‘Mr. Right.’ They have to strut their stuff in speedos and compete in a talent competition. But, at the end of the day, Hannah’s just interested in the guy who shows his personality and has fun with it.

Luke P. seems to intimidate a lot of the guys with his six pack, but the talent portion gives some of the other men a chance to be goofy. Jed has everyone in the crowd swooning and leaves Hannah blushing by writing and singing her a song. However, Luke P. isn’t ready to be out-shined, so when he takes the stage, he uses the microphone to make a bold statement — and tells Hannah he’s already falling in love with her! Yes, this is their FIRST date and there are seven other guys on it. Naturally, many of the other guys are confused and put off by Luke, but he ends up being voted the winner of the pageant.

At the after-party, Hannah confronts Luke about whether or not he was being genuine at the pageant. He insists he was being “100 percent serious” and reiterates that he’s “starting to fall in love.” By the end of their conversation…Hannah admits that she believes Luke. Mike doesn’t shy away from calling Luke out for moving too fast, but Luke holds strong to his statement. Despite Luke P. clearly being the boldest and standing out the most, though, Hannah gives Jed the group date rose because he “stood out” to her the most.

Up next is the first one-on-one date, which goes to Tyler G. It starts out with a helicopter ride, followed by some four-wheeling to take Hannah back to her roots. Hannah urges Tyler to be open, honest and completely himself on the date, because that’s something that she regrets struggling with on The Bachelor. Both Hannah and Tyler admit they feel so open and natural with each other, and they even start talking about what they want from the future. It’s no surprise when he gets the rose at the end of the date.

The next group date is for Devin, Matteo, Daron, Connor J., Kevin, Dustin, Tyler C., Joey, Peter and Garrett. Three guys aren’t chosen for dates, and Cam, who got Hannah’s rose on After The Final Rose, is the most visibly upset. On the date, the guys compete in a good ol’ fashioned roller derby. Daron stands out during the competition, and his team wins.

At the after-party, many of the guys are patiently waiting for their chance to talk to Hannah, when an uninvited guest shows up — Cam. He’s worried about not getting his time with Hannah, and arrives with flowers, therefore interrupting time that other guys could be getting. Needless to say, the men who were actually invited on the date are pissed.

Cam defends himself by explaining that he wanted to make a bold move, since that’s what Hannah’s been asking the guys to do. Tyler C. is the first guy to confront Cam about what he did, but a few of the other guys follow suit, as well. Unfortunately, time is cut short because of Cam’s interruption, and not all the men get one-on-one time with Hannah. In the end Dustin, who fell and even got injured during the roller derby, gets the group date rose.

At the beginning of the cocktail party, Hannah gets emotional over how lucky, yet scared, she feels. She’s admittedly terrified to make decisions at this rose ceremony because she doesn’t feel like she knows many of the guys that well. Cam continues to rub people the wrong way by interrupting and trying to get more time with Hannah at the cocktail party. Kevin confronts him about it, and it leads to some tension between them.

Later in the night, things get pretty steamy between Luke P. and Hannah as they take their one-on-one time to a private room and get a little physical. Jed walks in on them at one point and it’s definitely awkward, but he assures Hannah that he understands and they’re able to joke about it after.

At the rose ceremony, Dustin, Tyler G. and Jed are all safe, and Hannah gives the remaining roses to Tyler C., Garrett, Devin, Connor S., Luke P., Dylan, Luke S., Mike, Peter, Kevin, Jonathan, Joey, Matteo, John Paul Jones, Grant and Cam. That means the guys going home are: Connor J., Matthew and Daron.

After the rose ceremony, Luke P. makes yet another bold move by hopping into Hannah’s confessional for more alone time. She admits she wants to chat more with him, too, and confronts him again about his declaration that he’s “falling in love” with her. He assures her again that he’s being “100% real,” and seals it with yet another steamy makeout session.

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