Test how much you remember from school with this tricky general quiz

Are you smarter than a 7-year-old? Surprisingly tricky quiz will put your knowledge of basic geography and science to the test

  • Quizmaster Tal Garner has shared a tricky quiz aimed at seven-year-old students
  • The multiple-choice questions test your knowledge on geography and science
  • But do you still remember what you learnt when you were just seven years old?

We spend years at school learning and being tested on challenging topics including the solar system, mountains, geography and maths. 

But this tricky quiz tests how much you still remember from the classroom and will leave you questioning whether you could do with a refresh on your primary school lessons.

Quizmaster Tal Garner shared the challenging seven-question multiple choice quiz to US-based trivia platform Playbuzz.

So, can you prove that you are smarter than a seven-year-old with this puzzling general knowledge test?

Try your luck with the below quiz and then scroll down for the answers. 

Quizmaster Tal Garner shared a challenging seven-question multiple choice quiz that tests how much you still remember from your school days to Playbuzz (stock image)









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