Stylists reveal a step by step guide to creating three elegant updos

Stylists share their step by step guide to creating three elegant updos (and they only take 10 minutes)

  • Stylists reveal how you can transform your hair into a chic updo in 10 minutes
  • The ‘French roll’, ‘top knot’ and ‘chignon’ are all surprisingly easy to achieve
  • Sisters and hairdressers Abby and Karly Whittaker share a step-by-step guide 

Mastering a quick yet elegant updo can be deceptively difficult, but these quick and easy hair tips prove it doesn’t always have to be a struggle. 

Whether you want an ultra glamorous ‘French roll’ style or a top knot that can take you from day to night, each of these looks can be created in under 10 minutes. 

British hairdressers and sisters Abby and Karly Whittaker share their step-by-step guide on how to get the salon looks at home. 

The award-winning stylists are creators of hair accessory the Scrun, which combines a hair band with a thick sponge surround that makes tying updos with volume even easier.

While both Abby and Karly can create each of these styles in about a minute, they promise that anyone can do the same in about 10 minutes – all it takes is a little practice.   


Day to night: This top knot can be left polished or messed up for a more unkempt look

TOP TIP: Something to know and remember, hair grips do not need to be opened to be used in fact you should always put your hair grips in closed. 

If you jam a grip open to put it in you are simply over loading it, making it less secure and over the day gravity and pressure will win and they will re-appear or fall out. 


Ultra glamorous: This French roll, right, looks terribly technical but is surprisingly simple

TOP TIP: To create or more ‘undone or distressed look’. Take small pieces of your hair between your fingers and pinch it as if you were pinching salt to spread over food. 

It gives a great textured look without back combing or the need of additional products.


Classic with a twist: A chignon is easy to achieve with the help of a chunky, spongy hair tie

STYLE TIP: Add accessories like flowers or hair gems to boost the look or occasion you are going for.

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