Student exposes cheating boyfriend after getting sex tape from his step-sister

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A woman dropped a bombshell on TikTok when she found out her boyfriend was cheating with his step-sister.

Courtney, from the US, admitted she "dodged a bullet" after receiving a sex tape from the step-sister.

In the explosive video she posted online, the scorned woman claimed she met the guy during her first semester at university.

She got close with his mum when they started dating, which soon became awkward.

Courtney said: "I never saw your step-sister as a threat until she sent me a video of you two having sex of course.

"It's not like I was out to lunch with your mum, I showed your mum the video."

Courtney said her boyfriend's mum was too stunned to speak and ran out of the restaurant.

"I don't know what happened next but all I know is he blocked me and his step-sister called me an awful person," she continued.

"I don't talk to those two anymore, neither with the mum unfortunately."

Thousands of viewers left comments under her post and said she made a "powerful move" to show the clip to his mum.

One said: "I'm sorry you had to be a part of that oh my God."

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A second wrote; "That is a queen move I'm sorry you had to deal with that but you go girl!"

"I think I'm on messy TikTok right now," a third added.

Courtney later received a message from the step-sister, who complained her for exposing their names online.

A viewer, however, disagreed with Courtney's move and said she was "adding fuel to the fire", adding: "You could have crossed out the name and not use his real name. That's like an invasion of privacy."

Another wrote: "The funniest thing is she wasn't caught, she sent the video herself. It's literally the consequences of her own actions."

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