Shop award-winning wines for as little as $6 a bottle and up to 71% off

Two Buck Chuck may seem like a steal, but if you’re ready to level up your wine drinking and continue to save money, the best way is with a wine club. Every month (or on whatever schedule works for you), you’ll receive a collection of new wines to try that range in terms of blends, varietals, regions, vintage, and winemaker. Plus, most of the bottles in a wine club case tend to come from boutique makers and boast hefty markdowns. All 15 wines from Wine Insiders’ Mixed Wines offer, for instance, end up being less than 6 bucks per bottle.

Contrary to popular belief, wine clubs aren’t just for oenophiles. In fact, the less you know about wine, the more fun mixed collections from purveyors like Wine Insiders will be. With this welcome offer, you’ll be able to sample 15 different styles of wine (all red, all white, or mixed). Along the way, you’ll gain a better understanding of the flavor profiles that make wine truly unique. With enough tasting sessions under your belt, you’ll be able to school your friends and family on the differences between a Malbec and Merlot.

Each bottle featured in the Wine Insiders box has been vetted by a panel of wine-tasting experts, who are so strict about their standards that they only approve five out of every 100 bottles they sample. The goal is to showcase only the most delicious blends from top wineries across the globe.

A quick scan of the customer reviews on the Wine Insiders site will serve as proof that this intense screening process really works. As one current subscriber shared, “I’ve never seen wine of this quality at these prices.” Another backs up their review, stating “We have never had a bad wine from Wine Insiders.”

And at just $85, you’ll be hard-pressed to find these 15 wines cheaper anywhere else. Ahead of the holiday season, shoppers can enjoy Wine Insiders 15 Bottles of Mixed Wine for 71% off.

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