Saks Fifth Avenue’s Friends and Family Sale Includes 25% Off Soothing Candles and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been known to offer an array of health benefits, including reducing stress, improving sleep and even reducing muscle aches when in a topical form. If you’ve been eager to up your candle and aromatherapy game lately, Saks Fifth Avenue’s Friends and Family Sale is here to help.

The retailer’s annual discount event is back with 25 percent off a range of items on its site, including candles, diffusers, body oils and air mists for creating calming and inspiring scents inside your home. Whether you prefer a deep woody aroma or breezier floral and fruity notes, the sale includes options to suit every taste from Lafco, Tom Dixon, Amanda de Montal and more.

In addition to creating a subtle ambiance in any room, or helping you wind down at bathtime, many of these options also double as chic accent pieces. As part of the sale, there is an art deco-inspired candle from interior designer Jonathan Adler, as well as an ornate floral topped candle from metalwork artist Michael Aram.

As an added bonus, the retailer is also offering Saks cardholders “triple rewards points” on eligible items. The promotion ends Monday, so you’ll want act fast while supplies last.

Keep scrolling to see the best candle and aromatherapy deals to shop now from Saks Fifth Avenue’s Friends and Family Sale.

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Gray Malin The Beach Candle

Dreaming of warmer days? Usher in summer with Gray Malin’s The Beach Candle. Combined with a photograph-style beach scene on its exterior, the candle’s warm scent of sand lily, ocean breeze and summer orchid will easily transport you to sandy shores.

Gray Malin The Beach Candle$49 $37Buy Now

Ralph Lauren Garrett Modern Equestrian III Scented Candle

A fresh scent of cucumber and basil come together with warm, rustic notes of guaiac wood in Ralph Lauren’s Garrett Modern Equestrian III Scented Candle. Featuring images of the brand’s signature polo players, the colorful container also offers a subtle preppy aesthetic.

Ralph Lauren Garrett Modern Equestrian III Scented Candle$75 $57Buy Now

Jonathan Adler Muse D’Or Scented Candle

Adding a sophisticated touch to any space, Jonathan Adler’s Muse D’Or Scented Candle features a gilded porcelain vessel and vibrant aroma of pink pepper and sage balsam as it burns.

Jonathan Adler Muse D'Or Scented Candle$88 $66Buy Now

 Lafco Cilantro & Orange Glass Candle

Housed in a vibrant, handblown glass container, Lafco’s Cilantro & Orange Glass Candle offers a luxurious blend of cilantro, mandarin orange and lime fragrances. What’s more, the candle is designed to offer up to 90 hours of burn time.

Lafco Cilantro & Orange Glass Candle$65 $49Buy Now

Michael Aram Black Orchid Candle

For those who prefer an unscented option, Michael Aram’s Black Orchid Candle is a supremely elegant pick. Its simple glass jar is topped with a nickel-plated metal floral detail crafted by metalwork artist Michael Aram. Made of soy wax, the candle should also burn for longer than paraffin wax alternatives.

Michael Arman Black Orchid Candle$70 $53Buy Now

Thucassi Caldarium Mossy Spring Scented Candle

Made to inspire images of magical courtyards, Thucassi’s Caldarium Mossy Spring Scented Candle is hand-poured in an amber, handblown glass vase and offers a bright aroma of coastal bergamot, green herbal accord, Mediterranean cypress and clementine leaf. Notes of wild ginger and white musk further stimulate the senses.



Thucassi Caldarium Mossy Spring Scented Candle$48 $36Buy Now

 VI Flos Felicitas Floral Mist

Freshen up your linens, car or air inside the house with Amanda De Montal’s VI Flos Felicitas Floral Mist, featuring a subtly floral and fruity scent of white grape and white peaches.

Amanda De Montal VI Flos Felicitas Floral Mist$67 $51Buy Now

Gryph & IvyRose Full Coverage 6-Piece Bundle Set

For a full-on detox, Gryph & IvyRose’s Full Coverage 6-Piece Bundle Set makes the perfect gift for treating loved ones or yourself to some R&R. In addition to offering nourishing hair care and preventative immune supplements, the set also comes with an aromatic body wash and body oil for soothing the mind and muscles.

Gryph & IvyRose Full Coverage 6-Piece Bundle Set$150 $113Buy Now

Tom Dixon Fog London Incense Gift Set

Offering the brand’s signature woody aroma, Tom Dixon’s Fog London Incense Gift Set comes with 20 diffuser cones that are placed in a stylish brass tin and should each burn for about 10 minutes.

Tom Dixon Fog London Incense Gift Set$70 $53Buy Now

Thucassi Ferrum Leather Satchel Diffuser

A seaside-inspired blend of salty driftwood, earthy vetiver, spicy bergamot and fruity seaberries come together in Thucassi’s Ferrum Leather Satchel Diffuser. Underlying scents include cured leather, vanilla bean and amber. The fragrant oil comes in a handblown glass container with a stylish mountain grass flower diffuser.

Thucassi Ferrum Leather Satchel Diffuser$98 $74Buy Now

Amanda De Montal Armagnac Enchanté Diffuser

Forest-like scents emanate from Amanda De Montal’s Armagnac Enchanté Diffuser, featuring hints of cypress, pine needles and moss, as well as a drop of a 20-year-old vintage Armagnac for added warmth.

Amanda De Montal Armagnac Enchanté Diffuser$146 $109Buy Now

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