‘Royal baby reveals childbirth is one time we can’t avoid life’s blood and guts’

Good old Prince Harry.

Facing reporters on Monday following the birth of his baby son he was bubbling with joy, bursting with pride… and clearly traumatised by what he’d just experienced.

“How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension,” Harry said, holding his head in his hands as images of blood, sweat and tears (not to mention the other stuff) seemed to flash before him.

Oh yes, Harry, it’s beyond comprehension alright.

No amount of binge watching One Born Every Minute can prepare a first-time parent for the reality of the labour ward – the sheer excruciating agony of childbirth so alien to us in our cotton-wool culture, the stench, the mess and the total loss of dignity that comes with it.

Although by that point dignity is of as much interest as those fancy dan birth plans mums-to-be are encouraged to write before they realise they might as well ask to be transported to the maternity unit on the back of a unicorn.

My husband, who’s witnessed dozens of post-mortems in his job, still says he’d rather watch a body being carved up than another birth.

“Like Vietnam without the helicopters” was his verdict after our daughter was born.

My friend’s 6ft 4ins 18st husband said after baby number two HE just could not go through it all again.

So he didn’t – when number three popped out he popped out to the hospital cafe. And I can’t say that I blame him.

“I really couldn’t face watching the woman I love go through that again,” he said.

Everything in our world today is so clean, ordered, tidy and managed that childbirth is now one of the few occasions in life where we’re reminded all too clearly that we too are animals. But it’s hugely humbling as a result.

The nicest thing I thought Prince Harry said in his interview was “I’m so proud of my wife”.

For now he knows that Meghan isn’t just beautiful, talented and smart – she’s rock hard to boot.

It’s still not known why the couple had to rush to London’s Portland Hospital for the birth. But presumably labour wasn’t plain sailing.

So Harry has every right to be proud of his wife.

But take note Harry, this is just the beginning of how rock hard Meghan can be now she’s become a mum.

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