Pictures of adults stuck in playgrounds

They really ARE big kids! Hilarious snaps show embarrassed adults being CUT out of swings and slides after trying to relive their youth

  • Hilarious series of pictures show adults getting stuck in slides on playgrounds
  • Users took to Bored Panda to post snaps of the grown ups grappling with swings
  • Many of the men and women had to be freed by firefighters and the police 

A hilarious series of pictures have proven what really happens when adults try to relive their childhood.

The unfortunate men and women from across the globe, who appear to have misjudged their size, can be seen battling with a range of playground equipment after getting stuck in slides and swings.

The cringe-worthy snaps, shared to Bored Panda, show the overgrown playground lovers regretting their decision as they are cut out of the children’s climbing frames by firefighters and police.

However the fun-loving adventurers appear to take the mishaps in good humour – after a few tense moments.

A hilarious series of pictures have proven what really happens when adults try to relive their childhood, with a Reddit user sharing a snap of a regretful dad squirming in an unsuccessful attempt to make it out of a slide

Meanwhile a picture was shared to WT Videos, which showed one poor woman balancing on her head as her pals attempted to free her from the small swing she had become trapped in

Elsewhere one woman had lost all her fight, as she sat back and let a giggling firefighter free her from a children’s swing

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Elsewhere one woman appeared rather grateful as a team of four firefighters worked to free her from the tiny swing she was trapped in 

Elsewhere a regretful American Reddit user wrote of his predicament: ‘I’m 6’4″ and even when my friends helped flip me over, I couldn’t get out since I wasn’t fully touching the ground and both of my calves were wedged into the seat. My friends finally helped me get out (after laughing at me for a while, which I deserved); no firemen required.’

Another woman looked less than happy at being pulled out of a swing by three firefighters, but later posed with the thumbs up upon being freed

This poor man even had the team of helpers baffled as he struggled to get out of the tiny playground he had somehow entered

Meanwhile a group of friends appeared to find it hilarious that their pal had got stuck in a climbing frame, and decided it was the perfect photo opportunity – much to his horror

A friend in need! Meanwhile one woman put all her trust into her two pals as they grappled to pull her out of a baby swing

And one man became quite the playground spectacle as the fire brigade fought to free him from a small swing, as everyone looked on in delight

Elsewhere a woman took a moment to get acquainted herself with her handsome saviours after finding herself in a bit of a pickle

Meanwhile this man surely lost some of his street credit after a police man had to rescue him from a children’s swing

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