Pass Go & Collect: 10 Board Games That Are Super Valuable Today

Traditional board games are enjoying a resurgence today as friends and families look for low-tech ways to connect. Board game cafes and bars are popping up everywhere, and popular film and television franchises like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things are sparking interest once again in fantasy games.

Of course we all love the classics like Risk, Monopoly, Twister, Chutes and Ladders, Scrabble, Candy Land, and more. And you probably have some of those collecting dust in your attic or closet. But have you ever looked through what’s in your personal archives? You might want to, because some games, even ones released as recently as a decade ago, could be worth some serious dough.

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Here’s a look at ten board games that are super valuable today that you might be able to sell to an excited collector.

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10 Risk 40th Anniversary Edition

Risk is one of those classic games you can’t help but love, battling opponents to take over specific territories in the shorter version, or the entire world in the longer version that can sometimes take days to complete. Like Monopoly, there are many different versions of Risk. But this particular anniversary edition is the one that will earn you the most dough, at about $400.

9 3D Monopoly: New York Edition

There have been countless versions of Monopoly released to date, but none that would earn you as much coin as this limited edition that features custom New York-themed artwork by pop culture artist Charles Fazzino. Housed within a 2” deep hardwood cabinet and tempered glass top, there were reportedly only 2,000 copies made of the game, which includes player pieces like a hot dog cart and NY taxicab. If you happened to have gotten your hands on one when it was released, you can get anywhere from $500 up to $1,000 for it today.

8 Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit

Found online selling for as much as $600 (some reports even say up to $1,000), this strategy game based on the end of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace, sees players control four battles on three separate game boards.

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Based on the popular movie franchise, and that particular movie, it was released around 2000, so the game isn’t that old. But if you snagged it then, and have no use for it now, it might be worth selling online to a die-hard collector.

7 Disney’s Haunted Mansion Game

Oddly, games from previous decades seemed to focus a lot on hauntings and murder. Nonetheless, this game, which was released in 1972, is based on the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World in Florida. Players must move through the haunted mansion in their Doom Buggy as rotating discs block paths along the way. One copy is on record as having sold for $75, which is not bad for a board game that has just been sitting in your closet.

6 Dark Tower

Released in the ‘80s, this epic fantasy game takes players on an adventure as they try to acquire a magic scepter from a tyrant king who resides in his, you guessed it, dark tower. Search the four realms or the game board, which is shaped like a circle, and find keys to unlock the gate and take down the king. With the popularity of Game of Thrones and its usurper themes, it wouldn’t be surprising to find people looking for this game nowadays. Apparently the idea was stolen, a lawsuit prevailed, and the game was taken off the shelves. So if you do find this gem of a game hidden away in some box from your childhood (or your parents do), you might be able to get $300 or more for it.

5 Fireball Island

This game was developed in 1986, so if Millennials and Gen-Xers have a copy laying around from their youths, it could get you about $200. In the game, players move through the path, trying to avoid fireballs, and steal jewels. The game has actually recently been resurrected, with a fully restored version selling through Restoration Games for $75 after the company ran a crowdfunding campaign (and received pledges of over $2 million from more than 23,000 backers!)

4 Barnabas Collins: Dark Shadows

Based on the ‘60s supernatural cult series Dark Shadows, which was later made into a movie by Tim Burton, this 1969 game is pretty morbid when you think about it. Can you imagine playing this today with your young kids?

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The set comes complete with glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth and a mini coffin to store its game pieces, for goodness sakes! Nonetheless, if your parents or grandparents tried to frighten the kids before bedtime with this interpretation of family fun time, you might be able to snag about $50-$100 for a copy of this game.

3 Boris Karloff’s Monster Game

Developed in 1965, this simple board game, another that makes us wonder why childhood was so twisted in decades past, saw players move along a path, encountering monsters along the way. It’s possible that anyone who grew up in that era might have had a copy as a child. Today, should you find one gathering dust in your attic, copies have been listed as having sold for anywhere from $380 up to $460.

2 Be A Manager

It’s absolutely insane that you can get $1,500 for this 1967 game, which comes with 120 batter and 80 pitcher cards, a cardboard playing field, dice chart, hit and run/sacrifice chart, and base runners. The idea is to be a manager of your own team, and ultimately, win the baseball game. For sports collectors, it might just be the piece they’re missing in their vintage collection.

1 War of the Ring: Collector’s Edition

The most recent game on the list, this one launched just nine years ago, in 2010. But the collector’s edition of the complex fantasy game based on the Tolkien books comes with items from the expansion packs, along with a leather-bound instruction manual, and hand-painted game pieces; and it’s all packed into a painted wooden resin box that’s made to resemble an ancient elven tome. There were only about 2,000 of them produced, which means if you were lucky enough to have purchased or been gifted one a decade ago, it could be worth up to $2,500 (or more) today. A copy is currently selling on Amazon for $3,550!

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