Parents slam trolls who attack them for having 7 kids & sharing a room with them

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Parents hit back at trolls who judge them for having seven children.

Aaron and Latovia Cheatham are tired of being branded “irresponsible” by strangers on social media.

So they enlisted the help of their kids – Maliah, eight, Jordyn, seven, AJ, seven, Ariana, six, Olivia, four, Brandon-Michael, two, and baby Josie – to make a response video.

The family, who are from Arizona, US, dressed up in matching outfits to clap back at trolls who say “y’all have too many kids”.

They danced into the room and told critics: “We love and take care of all of them.

“So mind yo business!”

The Cheatham Family’s post has garnered more than 61,000 likes and dozens of positive comments.

One responder wrote: “I totally agree with your comment. People need to mind their own business.

“Your family is beautiful. You guys are blessed… Continue to be fabulous!”

Another said: “I can relate, I love this! We have six kids and people are so nosy.”

And a third added: “As a mum-of-seven I appreciate and love this.”

Want to read more about the Cheathams?

The parents, who describe themselves as "two kids raising seven kids", sleep in the same room as their little ones.

They have a bed to themselves, while their kids snooze in two triple-stacked bunk beds.

Aaron and Latovia post a lot of fun videos with their 125,000 Instagram followers – from pillow fights to parody posts.

You’ll also often find them dancing around or singing with their children.

The family also has a YouTube channel where they post vlogs, entertaining challenges and baby updates.

Follow the Cheathams here.

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