Our meetings are worse than a Handforth Council meeting with Jackie Weaver

DEAR DEIDRE: OUR bowls club meetings are turning out to be worse than a Handforth Council meeting with Jackie Weaver – there’s so much arguing.

I have been a keen club member for ten years. I’m a retired man of 70 and the club is my life.

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The clubhouse needed repairs and redecoration, so I was asked to co-ordinate it.

But one of the members had his nose put out of joint because he’s a builder and he wasn’t chosen to fix the roof – his prices were too high.

The vice-chairman of our club doesn’t think we should pay for decorating out of the subs we take but we need the funds from somewhere.

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The atmosphere is toxic, with A accusing B of talking behind his back.

I feel like packing the whole thing in.

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DEIDRE SAYS: I am not surprised.

Talk to the builder and explain why he was not chosen to fix the roof – he might offer “mates’ rates” if he knows – but if he won’t change, then he will have to accept your decision.

If the committee is arguing about how things should be done, draw up a questionnaire and suggest to the chairperson that everyone completes it to do things democratically.

Good luck.

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