OnlyFans model says career is classy not sleazy but is sent creepy messages

An Irish influencer turned OnlyFans model has insisted that her new job is not sleazy – but she is willing to pose naked for the right reasons.

Tiffany Stanley, 33, from Kildare, Ireland, has a whopping 880k Instagram followers and decided to cash in on her popularity by opening an OnlyFans page.

Subscribers pay a monthly fee for access to her raunchy snaps and videos – and she can earn up to £17,000 a month on the site.

But, fans looking for nude shots will be disappointed.

Tiffany told the Sunday World: “I've always done sexy shoots and fun themes, so it's just another platform.

“It's basically Instagram with a paywall. My content is sexy, fun and classy… artistic.

“I’m not against nudes. I have shot nude before, for the PETA anti-fur campaign, and yes, I would do this again.”

Tiffany decided to start her OnlyFans page during lockdown as many of her model friends were on it, but says she was initially worried about the stigma surrounding it.

Now, she claims she doesn't care about the stigma having seen lots of single parents supporting their families through the website.

Tiffany comes from a working class family and stated that she got everything she has through sheer hard work.

And, the model claims she still makes most of her money on social media and as a fitness model.

Plus, she uses her mega bucks income for good.

Tiffany said: “The money is nice, but I like to use the extra funds to donate to my favourite charities – giving back is important.

“I also like to help my family with things they might need and I spend a lot on travelling back and forth to Ireland.

“My plan is to make millions… and give it all away.”

However, the beauty’s new career is not without risk as she revealed that she does get negative messages.

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Tiffany noted: “I do get creepy messages but they come from all platforms. Facebook, in fact, is the worst.

“There is a lot of weird people on it.

“I had an issue with a stalker before, so Facebook makes me a little nervous.”

She even once had a fan message her to tell her they were hiding in her home, but luckily it was not true.

Tiffany is a model, TV host and organic beauty entrepreneur who has appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine, Magazine+ and the Irish Daily Star.

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