My dad accidentally sent me X-rated vid of himself – I was left mortified

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A woman has taken to Reddit to ask for advice after her dad accidentally sent her a gay porn video of himself.

The daughter said she was worried her relationship with her dad will never be the same again after the incident.

Taking to the site, she wrote: "Quick backstory- my dad (59M) and my mum (59F) were married for 27 years and abruptly divorced 4 years ago. He moved to a different city about 30 minutes away. He has had 2 roommates who are younger men.

"About 3 months ago I (27f) made the discovery that my dad was gay with one of his (22M) younger tenants. I made this discovery on accident and I didn’t mention it to my dad, I am pretty sure he knows I know, though.

"At first, I was extremely shocked, but as long as my dad was happy I love and accept him and whoever he chooses to love."

Talking about the porn incident, she added: "Yesterday I received a video text from my dad. I am on vacation visiting my in-laws so I didn’t view it right away.

"When I sat down to look, it was a video of his roommate performing oral sex on him. My heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach.

"Obviously, no one wants to see their parent like this and it was deeply disturbing.

"I immediately called my brother (26M) who I had already told about my dad being gay.

"He said not to respond to the text so, I didn’t."

She added: "About 40 minutes later I received a text from my dads saying: 'Oh no forget you saw that'.

"I told him I already deleted it and I love him and I already knew he was in a relationship with his roommate. He brushed it off, apologised and asked me how my day was going."

Asking for advice, the woman wrote: "I just am just unsure where to go from here. I am not sure if I can ever have the same relationship with my dad and I’m worried things will be very uncomfortable between us going forward.

"My husband thinks he did it on purpose, which I do not believe was the case.

"My brother thinks it was extremely bizarre and was an accident. I am just very angry, I don’t want to be but, I am.

"I don’t understand how he could be so careless to send a message like that.

"Has anyone ever had a weird situation like this happen to them? How should I proceed going forward to maintain my relationship with my dad whom I love very much?"

People were quick to offer their advice, as many admitted they'd been in similar situations.

One wrote: "One time I accidentally sent my older lesbian roommate a very very explicit text that was meant for my girlfriend. Accidents happen. It sucks that it did, but it really does sound like this was a mistake."

While another added: "I’ve accidentally sent wrong texts as well. Nothing to that extent but, I can understand how it can happen."

A third agreed: "I accidentally sent my mother in law risky pics of me when I was trying to send them to my husband. It was embarrassing but she was a good sport and deleted them. Accidents happen."

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