Mum’s creepy ‘clone’ hack for getting son to sleep alone terrifies husband

A sleep-deprived mum has come up with an ingenious "clone" hack to help with her son's separation anxiety – but it left her husband terrified.

Meagan Michelle Allen, from Alabama, US, said she was trying to get her son to sleep on his own but feared that he might wake up in the middle of the night looking for her.

Ultimately, she needed a good night sleep so she decided to make a clone of herself using a stuffed toy and hair extension.

The 26-year-old posted the hack on TikTok to help other mums and it quickly went viral.

Meagan says: "When you've slept in your two year old's bed for two weeks because it's time for him to sleep in his own bed but he has separation anxiety but you really want a good night sleep so you make a 'clone' for support."

She places the wig on top of the monkey doll and secures it with a hairband, then puts it on a pillow on the floor next to her son.

To make sure her plan goes smoothly, she puts a blanket on top of the doll to act like she was sleeping on the floor.

Meagan has thought of all the possible outcomes and explains: "So this will either go three ways. One, my son will think it's me and go back to sleep.

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"Two, my son will go to cuddle 'me' and 'my hair' falls off and he screams bloody murder and scarred for life.

"Three, I'll wake up, forget that I did it and wake the whole neighbourhood up."

One thing she didn't account for, though, was the reaction of her husband.

In the conversation Meagan shared, her husband said: "Babe, what is that?! Get that out! What is that? What the f*** is that? Go get that, what the hell is that? What the f*** is that?"

Meagan laughed and confessed that it was a "monkey with my hair on it".

"Go get that thing," he continued. "He is going to crawl over it and start screaming and be traumatised. He's never going to come to you again.

"So creepy I thought there was a girl sleeping."

Her son did wake up a few times but quickly went back to sleep without realising it was a doll on the floor.

At 5.50am, he woke up and walked out of the room, fearing he would wake his "mum" up.

Some mums called the trick an "amazing idea" and others said it didn't help solve the problem.

One said: "This is amazing, you so need the sleep! Get the sleep you deserve!"

Another wrote: "The only bad side effect is he thinks it's you. So not learning how to sleep by self yet. But if this works when I have a kid, I'm stealing it."

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