M&S' Halloween food includes Frankencolin Colin the Caterpillar and sticky toffee hot dogs

IF you've got fright night festivities planned you might want to check out Marks and Spencer's new Halloween 2020 range.

On the menu is a "Frankencolin" the Caterpillar cake, as well as "beastly bangers" that taste of sticky toffee and apple.

Some of the items are also part of M&S' new "squeal deal" where you get three selected Halloween dishes for £10.

These items typically cost £4 purchased separately so you're saving yourself around £2 a pop. This offer is available in store only from October 26 until All Hallows' Eve itself on October 31. 

Of course, do remember to follow coronavirus social distancing measures for your ghoulish get togethers.

In England, this means following the guidelines for your region's coronavirus tier. Rules in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales will differ as coronavirus is a devolved issue.

We've pulled out some of our highlights from Marks and Sparks' range below and we'll make a note if they're part of the three for £10 deal.

Just remember to compare prices before you shop, although lots of supermarkets' Halloween treats are only being sold in-store so you may find it harder to compare prices online.

Mummy meatloaf

  • £4 (450g)

Say “boo!” to M&S' mummy meatloaf, which features British minced beef and pork with mature cheddar and smoked bacon, wrapped in puff-pastry bandages. 

This dish is part of the three for £10 deal.

We couldn't find a mummy-inspired sausage roll being sold online at other major supermarkets but there are plenty of online recipes to make your own, which may be worth looking into to cut costs.

Alternatively, Iceland has a bag of 80 frozen sausage rolls (1.12kg) for £2.

Eerie eyeball margherita pizzas

  • £4 (398g)

For veggies, M&S has a pizza garnished in the shape of an eyeball with cheese, red peppers and tomatoes.

This is also part of the three for £10 range.

Elsewhere, Asda has a range of five pumpkin-shaped Halloween pizzas with a variety of meat and vegetarian toppings for a cheaper £3.50.

Or you could plump for a Goodfella's margarita pizza (345g) for a cheaper £1.25 at both Asda and Sainsbury's.

Halloween burgers

  • £4 (302g)

These burgers have a jack-o’-lantern face made from salt, pepper, dried herbs and a touch of food colouring.

The patties themselves are made with British beef with pockets of molten Cheddar cheese.

They're also part of the three for £10 range.

We couldn't see similar burgers being sold elsewhere, but you could pay a cheaper £2.28 for for four patties (454g) at Asda.

Toffee apple bangers

  • £4 (590g)

These British pork sausages contain Bramley apple pieces with a sticky toffee glaze, which are guaranteed to put a bang in your celebrations.

This is also part of the three for £10 range.

We couldn't find toffee apple sausages being sold elsewhere but Asda sells pork and apple sausages for the cheapest price at £2.25 (400g).

Yummy mummy yumnut

  • £1.35 each

These sweet treats are a cross between a doughnut and a yum yum and they've been given a Halloween makover enrobed in white fondant bandages with two spooky eyes.

You can find them in M&S' in-store bakeries, although they're not part of the three for £10 offer.

If you've got a sweet tooth and want to save cash; Sainsbury's has 12 "freaky fondant" mini cakes for £2 (17p each), while Tesco has nine Halloween cupcakes for £3.50 (39p each).

Frankencolin the Caterpillar

  • £10 (640g)

Colin the Caterpillar’s signature chocolate cake with buttercream has been given a scary makeover for Halloween with spooky milk, white and dark chocolate decorations.

This will set you back more than a regular Colin, which costs £7 (630g).

If the whole cake is too much you can also pick-up a five-pack of mini Frankenstein inspired Colin cakes for £2.25, which are the same price as usual.

Neither are part of the £10 squeal deal.

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One Morrisons shopper even snapped up an outfit for just 40p.

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