Mortified mum feared tot escaped her cot until she realises its a diaper pack

A mum was left stunned when she thought her daughter had escaped her cot, but it was something totally different.

Natasha Comer glanced at the monitor to check that Marnie, two, was sleeping soundly when she jumped into her bed at 10:20pm.

When she noticed a smiling face looming in the shot, the 31-year-old sprinted to her child's room to check if she was okay.

But the mum-of-two was left perplexed when she spotted the youngster tucked up in her bed and asleep.

Soon after she spotted the culprit, a packet of Pampers on the bedroom floor with the child model's face looking at the camera.

The NHS administrator learned a valuable lesson and claims she won't be leaving anything in front of the baby monitor again.

She said: "We've always had a baby monitor on in the room keeping an eye on her.

"Some nights I don't have to check it because she's quiet. On this night I must have heard a noise around that time and I took a look.

"I had a heart attack, I remember thinking 'how has she got out of her cot?'

"She's never got out of her cot before. I was panicked, she's never been an explorer like some but the thought of it does terrify me.

"I had to go in the room and check it out, when I got in there she was in her cot and I was confused."

She added: "When I glanced over and saw the Pampers lying there it was obvious what it was.

"I put them away and thought to myself 'get back in bed'."

The mum captured the shot in May, but has only uploaded it to Facebook where users had a good giggle at the mix-up.

Someone else who thought it was funny was Natasha's 32-year-old husband Ryan.

Now she's learnt her lesson as she told how she'll make sure the Pampers are put away next time.

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When she shared it on Facebook, it was captioned: "Left the bag of Pampers out one night, scared the sh*t out of me.

"I thought she'd got out of her cot and was smiling at me."

Many Facebook users rushed to comment on the post, with one writing: "Omg I'm laughing my head off, thanks for that."

Another commented: "This is brilliant!"

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