Money Hits: The Story of Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most highly regarded athletes of all-time. His success in the ring is unmatched and his dedication to his sport is truly one of a kind. What he has achieved in his career is what most dreams are made of. The combination of his incredibly skilled hits and his natural talent are a double threat, making him a fearless contender, and the one to beat.

After years of giving and receiving ferocious blows, Mayweather doesn’t have a single scar on his face, but the scars that live within him run deep. Totally History reports that he overcame a violent upbringing and traumatic past to get to where he is today. Now able to fully enjoy the fruits of his labor, the story of Floyd Mayweather leads him to life in the lap of luxury, and a wild story to tell.

Tough Beginnings

Floyd Mayweather is certainly living the dream today, but that was not always the case for him. As a young child, Floyd had a very tumultuous life. His mother had a substance abuse problem which took over her life and left her incapable of properly caring for her family. His father was a very violent man that wasn’t afraid to use physical force on a regular basis. At one point, in his own home, Mayweather witnessed his uncle shooting his father in the leg.

Life at home was very difficult and the beatings became so regular that they were an everyday occurrence for Mayweather. There was only one escape.

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Learning Young

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Mayweather’s father was dedicated to boxing, but after being shot in the leg, his boxing dreams took a huge hit. His injury prevented him from being able to perform to his fullest capabilities, so he began to drill his boxing skills into his son. Life Beyond Sport reveals that Mayweather was boxing when he was in a crib, throwing jabs in the air as he picked up new techniques. By the tender age of just 7 years old, he was fitted for professional gloves and boxing was very much a part of his identity.

A Natural Outlet

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Mayweather’s family life continued to be a challenge throughout his childhood and adolescence.  Before long he discovered that boxing was the best outlet for him. It empowered him, and gave him an opportunity to really put his focus on his craft. This was the one thing he could do that had his father’s full support.

With boxing as an outlet, Mayweather continued to grow and define his athletic skills with fine precisions. He was able to find peace in his craft and was able to exercise his own level of control in the ring. Boxing soon became Mayweather’s everything.

Money Hits

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It wasn’t long before Mayweather’s career became a huge focal point in the public eye. His talent was too great to ignore. His hits were sharp and targeted, he had stamina, focus, and more than anything, he demonstrated a passion for the sport in a manner that so few people had ever witnessed before.

Totally History reports that; “Floyd turned professional on October 11, 1996. His father served as his manager and trainer and Floyd Jr. won numerous bouts in his first two years as a pro. He also received a lot of praise from all corners of the boxing industry. “

It didn’t stop there. “In 1998, he won his very first world title – the WBC super featherweight championship – following an eighth round technical knockout. In 1996, Floyd became the first U.S. Olympian to win a world boxing title.”

One fight led to another, which led to three more, and Mayweather quickly became one of the most recognizable faces in the history of the sport.

In 2007, as a light middleweight competitor Floyd made history by defeating Oscar De la Hoya for his WBC super welterweight title, and the real money began to roll in. 20210 saw him labeled as the highest paid athlete in the world, and that year alone, he raked in $60 million. Mayweather was now officially recognized for his superstardom and high level success in the ring. He was the one to beat, but he was never truly defeated.

Living In Luxury

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Being in the ring is certainly no easy task, but after all the money hits, come the rewards. After serving up a storm in the ring for decades, Floyd Mayweather is now able to kick it back a notch and enjoy the fruits of his labor, and his hard work most definitely did pay off.

Mayweather lives an very extravagant lifestyle that he is quite happy boasting on social media. One quick glance at his social media feed tells the tale of an incredibly wealthy man that loves the spotlight.

He owns millions of dollars worth of property across the world, including enormous mansions in Los Angeles, Los Vegas, and Miami.

Mayweather is also a huge car collector and owns 2 distinct fleets of cars. In a true signature statement, he only purchases his luxury cars in two colors; black, and white.

With over $20 million invested in luxury cars, Mayweather stores his all-white fleet in Los Vegas, and his all-black fleet in Los Angeles.

In spite of owning a series of Bugattis, a Lamborghini Aventador, some Ferraris and Rolls Royces, and a slew of other high-priced supercars, Mayweather felt the need to invest in another form of travel as well.

The Sun reports that he owns not one, not two, but three private jets, one of which is a $50 million Gulfstream G650 jet that comfortably seats 14 people.

Mayweather remains a true part of boxing history, and is a legend whose money hits will forever mark the height of his incredible career.

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