Man wins lottery using numbers he saw in a dream

An Australian man’s lottery win is quite literally a dream come true.

The East Davenport man in his 40s, who wished to remain anonymous, won a $695,000 ($1 million AU) lottery prize this month with numbers he dreamed of 13 years ago, according to a release from Australia’s official lottery, The Lott.

“I checked my ticket online and discovered the news,” said the winner, who purchased his ticket at East Devonport Newsagency in Tasmania. “I thought one day I would see them all there. I haven’t given up on them!”

The man said his numbers had won him prizes in previous years, but that this is his biggest win, and he doesn’t plan to stop playing.

“They’re certainly my lucky numbers so I’ll keep playing them,” he said.

When asked what he’ll do with the winnings, he replied: “With this one, I just don’t know yet. I’ve still turned up to work today!”

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