Lidl set to launch new service in stores to speed up checkout time – ‘on the bandwagon’

Lidl introduce their brand new Plus mobile app

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Discount supermarket Lidl is following in the footsteps of major retailers in trailing a scan as you shop service. The service means customers scan their food items as they travel round the supermarket and pay for them at the checkout. 

When rolled out to stores, customers can scan their Lidl food items while they shop instead of having to scan everything in one go at the tills.

Like in other supermarkets, the barcode on the packaging of an item can be scanned with a mobile device which starts to create a shopping bill.

This can then be paid for at the end of a customers’ shop.

To use the service, Lidl customers will have to download the free Lidl Go app to use the service.

According to The Grocer, this app was made available to download from the Google Play App Store yesterday.

Customers will also be able to sync their existing Lidl Plus account which is the supermarket’s loyalty based app.

Fullwell Lidl in south west London is the only branch where the app will be able to be used so far but branching out to other stores in the future hasn’t been ruled out. 

A Lidl spokesperson said it was too early to provide any further details on the new scheme at the moment.

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Supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s have had the service in their stores for several years, with Asda also making their scan as you shop service widely available in the last year.

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new scheme, customers were happy to see Lidl joining the “bandwagon”.

One person wrote: “My issue with scan as you shop is if you’re scanning with one hand, and the product is in the other, where is the basket? Anyway’s love Lidl getting on the bandwagon.”

Another said: “About time the discounters joined the mainstream supermarkets.”

“I’m surprised by this, could be a really good scheme from Lidl,” commented a third.

In most retailers, customers can use the handset available as well as their mobile device. 

Explaining how their service worked, Asda said: “There’s no need to unpack your trolley and with dedicated card checkouts – you only need to pay and you’re done.

“With Scan & Go you can pack your items as you shop, meaning there is no packing palaver at the checkout.

“Scan & Go makes keeping track of spending simple. The handset and mobile app display a running total as you shop, so there are no surprises at the checkout.

“You don’t have to be a techno wiz to use Scan & Go. Our easy-to-use handset and mobile app let you scan in an instant and tap to delete – simple.”

Lidl’s loyalty scheme, which launched last year, allows customers to collect points and to save on their weekly shop.

The discounter said: “Just when you thought you couldn’t save more on your shop, there’s Lidl Plus! Our rewards app makes those big savings even bigger with new coupons every Thursday, plus exclusive discounts, prizes and more.”

This week, customers saye 15 percent on Birchwood Bacon as well as 15 percent on honey and maple syrup as well as 15 percent on Fin Carré 100g chocolate bars.

The app is available to download via the App Store as well as the Google Play store.

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