Lauren Just Shared An Acrostic Poem Arie Wrote As A Kid That’ll Make ‘Bachelor’ Fans LOL

This Bachelor star was a poet and fans didn’t know it. On Monday, Lauren Burnham shared Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s childhood poem on Instagram, and the throwback will make Bachelor Nation laugh. Her Instagram Story post shows a piece of notebook paper dated from all the way back in 1993. Arie is now 37, by the way, which means he was 11 when the poem was written.

It makes sense that the couple would be reflecting on their own childhoods, given that Lauren and Arie announced they were expecting their first child, and the baby is due in June, as per People. In the acrostic poem from Arie’s youth, he chose an adjective or interest for each letter of his name. He wrote,

Lauren pointed out that the descriptions in the poem are still relevant, captioning the picture, "Forgot to share this gem with y’all yesterday. Guess not much has changed. ‘Music Poem’ by @ariejr." Arie has yet to respond to the post, but fans are sure to find his past life as a poet amusing.

The post wasn’t the only recent time she’s gotten sentimental on social media. On Sunday, Lauren reflected on her pregnancy on Instagram, writing a long message about the time has come with highs and lows. She shared:

At the end of the message, Lauren also reached out to other women in her life for advice. She wrote, "All of these changes going on in my mind and body just remind me of how strong we as women can be and Mother’s Day seemed like the perfect time to ask all of you for your best, no B.S. advice on motherhood."

Friends and family chimed in the comments, sharing support for the post and thoughts about parenthood. Jessica Simpson commented with a string of green hearts. Fellow Bachelor alumni and new mother Bekah Martinez shared a few thoughts about the first days after giving birth. She wrote, "during the early pospartum period you may feel SO sad, helpless, ugly, angry, inadequate, paranoid….the list goes on and on, but so many people experience the same thing! Ask for all the help you need."

Mother’s Day also seemed to have made Arie even more excited as a soon-to-be father. On his Instagram Story, he shared the same picture of Lauren, writing, "My wife is a goddess" with a fire emoji and "Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom-to-be."

It’s clear from Arie and Lauren’s posts from Mother’s Day weekend that both are so excited about this new journey. The poem Lauren shared from when Arie was a kid was the sweetest nostalgic moment, and it makes sense they’re spending time reflecting on their own childhood before becoming parents themselves.

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