Kate Middleton’s relationship with Prince William is ‘bland’ and ‘intense’ in public

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Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, also 38, met each other while studying at university in 2001. The pair began dating two years later and they have been married since 2011. They also have three royal children together: Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five and Prince Louis, two. A body language expert has given an insight into the royal couple’s relationship.

Being a member of the Royal Family comes with a lot of rules and protocols to follow.

While there are no official rules on showing public displays of affection, Kate and William will rarely do so to keep up their professional standards.

The couple may be more relaxed compared to other members of the Royal Family but they tend to show little affection to each other in public, keeping it to only a hug or arm hold.

What is their relationship like?

Looking at photos throughout Kate and William’s time as royals, body language expert Judi James has provided an insight into the couples bond.

She said: “Often unremarkable and lacking any of the kind of soap opera drama signals of other royal couples, the Cambridge’s body language tends to be perfect to the point of bland.

“This ‘blandness’ is probably deliberate. William grew up in the middle of the painful public tragedy of his parent’s marriage and the decision to give just enough of themselves away to present the perfect public face but not enough to leave the fans clamouring for more has been vital to the survival of both the couple and their relationship.

“It is remarkable that in all the years since their wedding we have never seen more than the odd micro-glimpse of anything lurking behind the twinned smiles.

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“They have recently added some more relaxed-looking poses and laughter to their public repertoire but nothing in the way of the kind of scowls and mutterings that Charles has been seen using, or the more tactile and very besotted traits that we connect with Harry and Meghan.”

However, the body language expert suggests that their relationship is very loving.

In recent years, William can be seen putting his hand over Kate’s shoulder in public and the pair are often photographed laughing and having fun together.

Judi added: “Kate and William’s loving relationship tends to be defined by their intense and often subliminal mirroring signals.

“Postural and gestural echoing behaviour like theirs is usually a sign of like-minded thinking.”

This can be seen when the couple are sitting next to each other; they will regularly sit in the same way, with their hands in their laps.

The body language expert explains how this can also be seen in other royal couples.

She said: “Camilla will often be seen mimicking Charles’s actions, but by copying them after he has performed them she shows respect and a constant bowing to his higher status.

“William and Kate tend to mirror one at the same time without conscious copying, suggesting similar personalities and a strong ‘team of two’ vibe.”

Judi also suggested that their body signals suggest they will bring something unique to the monarchy when they become King and Queen.

She explained: “This kind of evenly-balanced, peas-in-a-pod team-ship/sharing relationship will be a first for the Crown, suggesting high levels of focus and joint understanding of how the job should be filled.

“Kate and William use rituals of compatible smiling when their smiles are aimed at one another rather than the public.

“While their public smiles are pitch-perfect they lack the kind of muscle tension or muscle pulling that will often betray an inauthentic, performed smile.

“No smile that has been held for the length of time the Cambridge’s hold them can be totally genuine but, like The Queen Mother, they have both acquired the knack of the held smile that lacks the kind of rigidity that gives it away as fake.”

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