Kate and William give their kids opportunity to be more resilient by practising hobby

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children have all eyes on them whenever they step out in public – their every move is analysed, down to their parenting skills. Both body language experts and parenting experts have previously revealed what they believe the Cambridges are like as parents. Express.co.uk spoke to one expert who shared what she thinks happens behind closed doors.

The public don’t often get a glimpse into what family life is like in the Cambridges’ household.

But, sometimes, Kate or William will share a snippet of information which can reveal a little about what the couple are like as parents.

Earlier this month, William met with England’s women’s football team in London and gave them an insight into his daughter, Charlotte’s, interests and hobbies.

He told members of the football team that Charlotte is a fan of the beautiful game itself – demonstrating that the Cambridges might enjoy playing sports together at home.

As he was presented with personalised football shirts for each of his children, the father-of-three said: “Charlotte wants me to tell you she’s really good in goal.

“A budding star for the future.”

The Duke of Cambridge added: “She said, ‘please can you tell them that’, and I said, ‘okay I’ll tell them’.”

William also revealed that his oldest son, George, eight, plays for a local team.

“He gets very competitive,” he explained.

The young Prince was also said to have “begged” his father to take him to the England World Cup game last summer.

Express.co.uk spoke to parenting expert Gifty Enright about what the children’s love for sports can tell the public about Kate and William as parents.

She said: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s kids’ interest in sport is not accidental.

“Kate was a keen sports woman herself, so it is no surprise their kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte are interested in sports.”

William, too, enjoys playing polo and has been seen at rugby, football, and cricket matches regularly.

Gifty continued: “Prince George is a member of a local football club and Princess Charlotte made sure her father let the England’s women’s football team know that she was good in goal.

“Getting children involved in sports is great for their physical and emotional development.

“It makes them physically stronger, teaches them to process emotions like failure and makes them resilient.

“They also learn to operate as a part of team if they play team sports, which also helps with their social skills.

“The fact that Princess Charlotte is just as sporty as her brother goes to show that their parents believe in exposing both genders to the same opportunities.”

Charlotte is six while Louis, the youngest of the three Cambridge children, is three.

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