Jeff Bezos Declines Bernie Sanders U.S. Income Inequality Testimony Invite

Us Senator Bernie Sanders has invited the self-made billionaire and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos to a hearing taking place next week, which puts focus on income and wealth inequality. He’s demanding answers as to why Bezos saw an enormous wealth increase of $78 billion during the pandemic, while workers in his Amazon warehouses struggle to achieve the most basic form of income equality. Never before has there been such an obvious economic divide, and Sanders wants Bezos to be accountable for the controversial decisions he has made during the pandemic.

Republic World reports on the extreme boost to Bezos’ profit margin, and as his net worth sees a multi-billion dollar surge at the same time that his hard working employees feel taken advantage of.

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Sanders has invited Jeff Bezos to speak at the Budget Committee to explain why there is such an economic divide and extreme imbalance of the shifting of finances. Upon receiving the invitation, Bezos swiftly declined, opting not to divulge the details of his financial decisions.

It’s not just Sanders that is up in arms over this severe concern. As the pandemic forced shoppers to order online, the demand on Amazon employees increased exponentially. Without a doubt, that translated to an instant and excessive boost of finances that Bezos was able to enjoy. Sadly, the hardest working employees are the ones suffering the most, and are struggling to make ends meet while being overworked. In a time where so many are in need, the spotlight is put on Bezos’ greed.

Yet at the same time, his employees faced issues obtaining the most basic forms of economic dignity, and were denied the ability to receive a $15 minimum wage increased, and were blocked from forming their own protective unions.

Worked to the bone with increased orders and the pressure that comes along with processing them, Amazon workers struggled to keep pace, while Bezos took home a huge $78 billion wage increase on top of his already enormous paycheck.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Bezos faced scrutiny by various media sources, for not putting into place any proper protective measures for his warehouse workers.

Sanders is challenging Bezos’ decision to end hazard pay for frontline workers, and is probing the questionable ethics of many other pandemic-related decisions Bezos has made, or failed to make, during the past year. Many are up in arms about the disparity in pay between the top executives of Amazon and those hard working representatives that carry out the laborious work of packing and delivering the influx of packages that are processed each day.

Jeff Bezos’s mere refusal to attend the Budget Committee’s discussion surrounding income inequality speaks volumes in itself.

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