Jared Leto Is Terrifying in Violent Morbius Vampire Transformation Scene

Leto’s Dr. Michael Morbius does his best to control his murderous alter ego in a new clip from the upcoming Sony/Marvel film — and fails miserably!

After finding success with its “Venom” franchise, Sony’s plans for an expanded Spider-Man universe (without Spider-Man, natch!) might actually get off the ground, if this new clip from the upcoming “Morbius” is any indication.

For Jared Leto, taking on the role of Marvel’s “Living Vampire,” could well be the superhero redemption he needs after his poorly-received take on The Joker in the first “Suicide Squad” movie. Think Ryan Reynolds finding Deadpool after his disastrous Green Lantern.

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Pulling no punches — or clawed slashes — Sony definitely delivers the goods with this sneak peek into the world of the film, which sees their expanding franchise fully embrace horror in a beautiful way.

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The special effects are as spectacular as the henchmen are predictably boorish as Dr. Michael Morbius is being studied offshore. He seems to be fully cooperative as a fellow doctor is preparing to run tests on him during his nightly(?) transformation. He even makes sure he’s well strapped in … for all the good it does.

That’s when things get hinky in a hurry, as one of the goons shows up to throw his weight around, only to find the straps were utterly useless. What follows is a wild trip through the claustrophobic interior of the ship as Morbius proves brainless toughs are no match for his powers.

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Transforming to and from smoke is scary enough, but the most terrifying transformation is Leto’s look as Morbius, with razor-sharp teeth, a vulpine nose, long talons and a generally nasty disposition. In his defense, the toughs did throw around his doctor friend, and according to film descriptions, she may be even more than that.

Due to the jump-scare of the empty bed at the top, fans missed out on the actual transformation into Morbius’ vampire form, but Sony quickly makes up for it by showing us Leto’s transformation back into his human form, complete with his signature long locks, shirt undone and a look of abject horror on his face.

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Clearly, he’s at least mostly unaware of his actions as Morbius, or when the bloodlust hits him. While we can’t say with certainty his murderous rampage across the ship was a clean sweep (safe his lady friend), it certainly looked as if he was thorough. At the very least, he seemed to handily dispatch whatever goons seemed to have the upper hand before his transformation.

Despite being a Sony film, and a part of its extended Spider-Man license, it remains to be seen how closely “Morbius” may tie in with the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. The latest “Venom” film (SPOILER ALERT!) seemingly transports Eddie Brock and his symbiote into the MCU, while “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is set to blow the multiverse wide open, featuring stars from all of Sony’s Spider-Man franchises thus far.

Jared Leto stars alongside Adira Arjona, Matt Smith, Jared Harris, Tyrese Gibson and Al Madrigal in Sony’s “Morbius,” scheduled for release on January 28, 2022.

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