Inside Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes incredible £1.7 million home as they announce engagement

Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes have both amassed huge followings on social media, with the couple documenting their life on Youtube and Instagram over the years.

Zoe, 33, known as Zoella on social media, shot to fame in 2009 after her blog proved to be immensely popular, resulting in her launching a Youtube channel.

She and Alfie, who announced their engagement on 13 September, began dating in 2012 and have gone on to carve out careers in social media. The couple welcomed their first child, Ottilie, in 2021 and are expecting their second daughter in December 2023.

The soon-to-be family-of-four reside in Brighton in a sprawling £1.7 million home, which regularly features in their online content. Let's take a look inside…

The couple moved into the property back in 2017 and they’ve kitted it out ever so stylishly.

Seeing as the pair are consistently producing content for their iconic YouTube channels, it’s no surprise they’ve got a beautiful office in which to work.

Zoe spoke about her home office during lockdown, saying she loves the room and that it’s a space which makes her “feel creative and be productive.”

The sensational space boasts wooden floorboards and white panelling on the walls, and bringing the magic to the space Zoe has weaved fairy lights along the walls.

The clean white desk houses a laptop and desktop, as well as adorable potted plants, candles and pin boards.

However the eye-catching piece in the space simply has to be the vintage dresser which houses a vinyl player, prints and an old school phone.

From one cosy room to the next, Zoe has really captured comfort with her dreamy bathroom.

The elegant space has a sunken tub with brass detail which sits against a panelled green wall.

Plants and green tiles breathe life into the gorgeous space and it looks like a truly idyllic place to kick back and relax among the bubbles.

The house isn’t short of bright rooms, and the kitchen follows suit with huge windows and white brickwork.

Plants are scattered about the space, and it boasts low hanging lighting, and a huge old-school clock sits on a shelf at the back of the room.

The couple have a fully stocked pantry in their wow-worthy kitchen, and it houses all sorts of goodies and state-of-the-art equipment.

In Zoella’s bedroom there’s a cosy bed with burnt orange cushions and pink linen, and a sweet vintage bedside table houses candles, hand cream and a diffuser.

Zoe shared a snap of herself with her adorable pug while watching a film, and we can get a peek of her makeup station with retro stool pushed underneath.

The Brighton-based couple also have a well-organised bar area inside their home, and lots of large neon writing spread throughout the home, as well as statement artwork.

Outside is just as impressive as in at Zoe and Alfie’s stunning home, with a large lawn and decking area.

Alfie and Zoe have been dating since 2012 after reportedly meeting at a meet and greet event, where Zoella queued up to meet Alfie.

Zoe previously opened up on her relationship with Alfie in 2018 and said, despite being in different industries, the pair aren’t competitive.

She told Glamour: “Our relationship is never competitive. I can talk to him about an issue and I don't have to explain it because he understands immediately. The downfall is we talk about work a lot and we both work from home so we're around each other a lot."

Zoe also got candid about the ups and downs of their romance as she said: “Alfie and I both have days when we feel the pressure on our relationship and want to punch each other in the head – who doesn't?!

“But we know when to talk, and when to give each other space. Alfie films every day which I took a bit of getting used to, but we have a routine where I might say, ‘I don't fancy being in your video today,’ and he'll just say ‘OK’. But really, we don't argue very much at all. We're kind of boring in that sense.”

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