Inside Zendaya’s $1.4 Million Mansion

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, who goes by her first name  is one of the most successful youth icons. She owns a luxury mansion in Los Angeles which she acquired at the age of 20. Today, at 24 years old, she tells media sources that her life is everything she has ever dreamed of.

Zendaya started becoming popular with her performance in Marvel’s Spiderman movies, but got her big break as Rue in the television show called Euphoria. However, Zendaya had started her career as a child actor and model, performing in Disney shows at the age of 13.

Zendaya is worth about $5 million in her early 20s, though the actress has an extremely humble background. She originally comes from Oakland, California, and has mixed roots as her father is an African-American, and her mother has Scottish-German origins. She grew up with about five older siblings, and life was never a piece of cake for this family.

Building herself a $1.4 million mansion has been overwhelming for Zendaya, as she tells interviewers. It has led to the purchase of a luxurious mansion with extravagant insides made with an evolving star’s hard-earned money.

The Amazing Location and The Build

Zendaya might have been a California girl all her life, although she got herself a dream home in Los Angeles. She was not directly connected to the Hollywood world when as a child. Her mother was in charge of organizing theatres and shows, which inspired little Zendaya to become a performer.

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The life she leads now in this $1.4 million home is private but extravagant, and most importantly, it is enormous with about 4,155 square feet area. This five-bedroom and five-bathroom mansion with beautifully vaulted ceilings is situated in a fantastic location, Northridge in Los Angeles. She lives in this Mediterranean-styled luxury home with her beloved dog, Noon.

Northbridge is on the north side of Los Angeles and a bit far away from the Hollywood world. But it has an excellent neighborhood; the California State University is in the vicinity. The site and the ambiance are so soothing that most of her family parties, get-togethers, and Christmas celebrations are organized in this mansion.

The Fancy Interiors

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Zendaya is very fond of the interiors of her $1.4 million mansion. The actress says that she never had more than one story in her building growing up in Oakland. This million-dollar mansion comes with a beautiful spiral peninsula staircase that makes one feel like they are in the make-believe world of the Disney princess, Cinderella.

The mansion comes with five fancy bedrooms and bathrooms along with kitchens and balconies. The master suite also has a vanity room, a fireplace, and a walk-out balcony that is quite well spread out with sofas and chairs to spend quality time with a view. The master bathroom is entirely marbled, with a massive bathtub in the middle. One cannot afford to miss out on the stunning gourmet chef kitchen, which is part of this mansion. Although the actress does not take an interest in cooking, this place’s unavoidable aesthetics could be motivating.

Zendaya also has a side business; she owns a personal clothing brand known as ‘Daya.’ Due to this, her mansion also has a separate walk-in closet space which is part of the master bedroom. This million-dollar mansion’s entire interior space is so well lit that it could be ideal for the actress to indulge in some self-photography.

A Host of Fancy Amenities on the Exterior

A gorgeous place for barbecues with tiled bars, a beautiful spa, and a big swimming pool can help with the relaxation routine between busy schedules. Zendaya has masterfully turned her backyard into a garden that yields pretty red blossoms and lemon trees. There is also a spare resting area where the actress can have a peaceful time observing her plants grow.

Zendaya’s $1.4 million is not only elegant but also very homely. It seems like the young actress made an actual effort to turn this fancy estate into a comfortable home.

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