Inside Greg James and Bella Mackies north London pad with beloved pooch Barney

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Breakfast Show host Greg James helps up peel ourselves out of bed each morning with a hefty dose of fun on Radio 1.

The 35-year-old took over from Nick Grimshaw in 2018, and has since been waking us up every morning with the best chart music and chats with celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Jack Whitehall and Calvin Harris.

Off the airwaves, the 35-year-old star lives in a luxurious pad with his wife, writer Bella Mackie, in north London.

The cute couple tied the knot on September 23 2018, after Bella broke tradition and popped the question earlier that year.

Greg said on Instagram: “I said yes immediately because she is the smartest, funniest and most beautiful person I’ve ever met.”

The pair share a gorgeous pooch, a chocolate labrador called Barney, who Greg describes as "very stupid but amazing".

Here’s a sneak peek into their lovely home…

With painted deep blue cupboards, shiny countertops and a central island, the kitchen looks like a great place for Greg and Bella to entertain friends with food and good wine.

Greg confessed this year: “My relationship with Bella is built on wine: at the start, staying up all night drinking and talking; glugging away on holidays in Italy and France. I’m not actually sure what we’d be without it.”

Let’s hope those cupboards are well stocked!

The couple’s dining room has the same charm as a neighbourhood Italian restaurant with forest green walls, fresh flowers and ambient light over the family-sized table.

Their living room features built-in shelves displaying their impressive collection of books all the way up to the ceiling.

Even 6ft 3 Greg needs a ladder to reach those dizzy heights. We spy a cheeky wine rack, too – chin chin!

Certain parts of the house have had a little face lift including this mustard yellow armchair, which belonged to Bella’s grandad.

She upholstered the prized possession after naughty Barney chewed it. Who could stay mad at that face, though?

There are plenty of other soft spaces for Barney to rest his head, and it looks like Greg’s quite comfy giving him cuddles on this vintage-inspired bedspread.

From one armchair to another – the boys enjoy a nap together, while quirky prints and an antique rocking horse are reflected in the mirror.

One of Bella’s book covers, How Running Saved My Life, takes pride of place below a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

Bella’s first novel How to Kill Your Family was released this year.

Party-ready Bella previously gave us a little look into one of the home's bedroom too.

The star posed in a multicoloured skirt with their vibrant mustard bed behind her.

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