Inside Celine Dions $42 million Bombardier BD 700 Global Express XRS Jet

Singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and actress Celine Dion is one of the most influential voices in pop music due to her technically skilled vocals that make people swoon. The singer has amassed a whopping $800 million fortune from her best-selling albums, Las Vegas residencies, brand endorsements, and business ventures. Her career has also rewarded her with a lavish lifestyle that includes expensive homes and fast cars. As she actively tours at concert venues worldwide, Dion likes to travel in the privacy of her time. Her newest purchase is a $42 million private jet equipped with a myriad of luxury amenities.

From private rooms and bathrooms to home cinema, the private jet is equipped with modern amenities for the singer to travel in comfort to various venues and her homes worldwide. One of the most expensive celebrity private jets, let’s take a look inside Celine Dion’s Bombardier BD 700 Global Express XRS Jet.

A Jet Built For International Trips

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As the pandemic began to ease in June 2021, Celine Dion decided to invest in a private jet to ensure safe travel during international trips for her concert shows. Manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Canada, the BD 700 Global Express XRS is a corporate jet aircraft meant for long-distance travel. The 15-meter machine is one of the best corporate jets designed by Bombardier that was created to compete with the Airbus A319CJ, Boeing 737 BBJ, and Gulfstream V, as noted by Rocket Route. Colored in staple colors of white and bronze on the base, the private jet has a distinctive black stripe across its length.

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The highest number of Bombardier BD 700 Global Express XRS is purchased and flown in North America. To compete with the long-cabin private jet market, Global Express was also upgraded from the original Global aircraft in-cabin layout, cruising speed, lighting, and the range of non-stop travel.

An ideal jet for international destinations, the Bombardier jet can fly between any two stops worldwide and only needs one refueling stop between intercontinental destinations like New York-Tokyo or Los Angeles-Sydney. The twin engines are BMW Rolls Royce BR-710 turbofans for a powerful flight every time, as stated by Jet Craft. It has a maximum speed of 590 MPH and a maximum range of 7,279 miles.

Furnished With A Touch Of Luxury

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The luxurious jet can accommodate 14 people at once in the comfortable cabin and has space for four crew members. Along with bedrooms and bathrooms, the plane has a home cinema, a dining room next to the kitchen, and a study room for corporate meetings and work. The cabin is equipped with ample lighting and designed in shades of beige, cream, and a hint of orange.

The forward cabin features a double club, while the main cabin has a four-place seating arrangement with an Executive workstation. The after cabin area has six beds for guests to relax and enjoy. Along with a functional lavatory, the galley is fully equipped with a microwave oven, coffee machine, hot cup, and a thermal oven.

For entertainment on board, the 700 Global Express XRS has multiple 21.3-inch LCD monitors, CD, and DVD players, Airshow interactive to know the location on screens, and a wireless Game Port for a round of multiplayer games. The office features a printer and fax machine for making corporate copies on the flight.

A Jet Exclusively Made For The Elite

Along with offering sophisticated luxury accessories and sleeping space, the jet has advanced avionics that makes it a comfortable experience for passengers and pilots, as reported by Air Charter Service. Bombardier has made the private jet using three separate company divisions, a plane designed for only the best.

The nose of the jet is designed by Canadair, which is the Global Express designer for all jets. The aerospace company Shorts Brothers has manufactured the engine nacelles and the design of the luxurious jet. British company de Havilland completed the final assembly before Japanese company Mitsubishi made the wings.

Celine Dion is not the only celebrity who owns the world-class Bombardier jet. She has joined the likes of Oprah Winfrey to have this one-of-a-kind jet equipped with a comfortable interior for traveling long distances and getting much-needed rest between the hectic schedules that demand long work hours for artists.

Celine Dion had purchased the jet before she was supposed to begin her Courage World Tour in August 2021; however, it was postponed due to the surge in numbers. As the restrictions have eased, she has rescheduled her dates and plans to travel in her private jet for the concerts that begin in March 2022 from Denver, Colorado.

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