Influencer slammed for rolling eyes at commuters who got in way of photoshoot

An influencer has been slammed for complaining about people walking past as she took pictures – in public.

When you are out and about it is only logical to think that others will be going about their day too.

But Antonia Freya Lydia was not too impressed after she tried to pose for a photoshoot in the London Underground as commuters were walking into her pictures.

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In a TikTok clip, which has racked up 5.6 million views, the blonde influencer claimed she wanted to take an ‘aesthetic’ video on the tube platform.

As she appeared glammed up in a black feathery top and skin-tight skirt, Antonia posed with her hair up and turned to the side with a hand on her hips.

The wind gently blew through her fair locks as the train whizzed off behind her before she elegantly walked out of shot.

“Taking an aesthetic video in London Underground be like”, she wrote.

Antonia then revealed the behind the scenes of her seemingly effortless ‘aesthetic’.

At multiple points, the beauty tried to get the perfect shot but was disrupted by commuters making their way across the platform.

The influencer reacted with an array of eye rolls and face scrunching before she had to start her posing again.

By the end of the clip, Antonia gave a big grin and put her thumbs up after her various failed attempts to get a shot of her outfit.

“Like can you wait just one sec, sir?” she questioned in the caption.

However, not everyone was too pleased with the influencer's reaction.

One person declared: “Why is she getting mad for?”

Another user added: “It’s a train station.”

While a third person slammed: “Bro it's the London Underground what do you expect.”


Someone else quipped: “It’s almost like…you're in public?”

Meanwhile, a fifth user chuckled: “Where do you want them to walk through? The tracks???”

And, this user pointed out: “Omg the way she’s rolling her eyes as if she owns the place.”


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