Influencer poses seconds apart to show reality behind perfect lingerie snaps

Ever wonder how influencers achieve “perfect” lingerie snaps on social media.

Georgie Clarke took photos seconds apart to show how easy it is to manipulate your appearance.

The London-based Instagrammer, who has more than 725,000 followers, revealed it’s all about posing.

She also hiked up her undies to accentuate her curves make her legs look longer.

Georgie said: ”Same underwear, same body different silhouette…The difference between the two photos is literally pulling the knickers on my waist and posing differently.

“That is how simple it is to appear like the photo on the left. Because it’s only 30 seconds in between each photo was taken.”

To capture the first image, Georgie revealed she had to…

  • Pop her hip
  • Pull her underwear up to her waist
  • Stretch her torso
  • Tense stomach muscles
  • Suck in waist
  • Place arms outwards to create illusion of slimmer waist
  • Use hands to lift booty to make shape look more hourglass

In comparison, the snap on the right is a more “relaxed” version of Georgie.

She added it’s “how she’d normally wear her knickers”.

The body positive influencer wanted to share the side-by-side pictures to show her fans that social media isn’t always what it seems.

She added: “We don’t see unposed and relaxed images on social media often, which is why we can end up in a vicious cycle of comparing ourselves to a snapshot moment of someone’s highlight… not their truth.

“So here is a reminder when you are scrolling… you can completely transform the shape of your body through clever poses but at the end of the day, you should be so proud to share your relaxed and natural body because it’s beautiful just as it is.”

The post garnered more than 28,600 likes – and many praised Georgie for highlighting how fake social media can be.

One responder gushed: “Thank you so much for doing these.

“I honestly hate my body so much but these make me feel better about myself.”

Another said: “Yes babe! Thank you for being so real.”

And a third added: “Both are beautiful. You are absolutely stunning.”

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