I was handed the wrong dog at the pets' groomer

I almost took someone else’s dog home from the grooming salon after staff handed me the wrong pooch – I didn’t realise until I put him in the car

  • A dog owner in Michigan revealed how they almost took wrong pet home  
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A pet lover has revealed their shock after they were given the wrong pet to take home by the groomer.

The anonymous dog owner shared the story on Reddit where they explained they had gone to pick up their pet from their local salon in Michigan, where they had been regulars for the past five years. 

They thought the pet they were handed was their dog, but it was in fact someone else’s pooch. 

But as they recounted the story on, they admitted that it wasn’t until they had taken the pooch to their car that they became aware of the mix up. 

However other social media users were stunned, and questioned how they had gotten their own dog mixed up with another person’s pooch. 

A dog owner revealed they were handled the wrong pet when they went to pick up their pup from their local groomer’s in Michigan (pictured, the incorrect dog) 

The dog owner was eventually reunited with the right pooch and saw the funny side of the mix-up (pictured) 

The owner explained how the accidental switch had happened during a recent visit to the groomer. 

‘When I drop her off (been going to the same place for 5 years ) I don’t give specific cuts, I let the owner just make her look good,’ they explained. 

‘Today I went to pick her up and a new girl was working. She handed me the dog.’

The poster went on to explain the dog was the same size as theirs, and had the same color, just a different haircut. 

They continued: ‘I put her in my car, wrapped the blanket around and noticed she wasn’t my dog,’ they went on. 

‘I’m sure it’s happened before at groomers. We found it actually pretty funny and fault on both sides.’ they added. 

They later explained that their car was only a few steps from the shop, and that they were talking to someone as they were holding the pooch. 

They put the dog on the passenger seat, walked around the car and took a seat behind the wheel before realizing that the pooch they had taken weren’t theirs.   

While they found the incident funny, many other dog lovers wondered how they could have gone so long without realizing the dog they were holding weren’t theirs.

The anonymous poster took to Reddit to explain they had gotten the two animals mixed up at the dog groomers 

‘How could you not know your own dog,’ one asked. 

Another said: ‘How the hell did you even get back to your car to take the photo without noticing.’

A third asked: ‘How tf you get all the way to the car?’ 

‘I can’t even imagine. My dogs recognize me and go crazy when I walk in to pick them up. The wrong dog was giving you a big side eye,’ one wrote. 

‘I’m way more disappointed in you for not recognizing your own dog,’ one added. 

Most people were shocked that the dog owner hadn’t realize sooner that they were handed the wrong pooch 

‘I for one could never miss Lucy,’ another dog owner said. ‘Throw her in a herd of 500 female, black and white Lhasa Apsos and I’ll her apart.

‘To be fair I know every inch of that dog. I groomed her most of her initial life, only taking to a proper store when she was older,’ they added. 

‘And you didn’t realize it until you were in the car?? I know my dog very well. He’s my best friend!

‘I could look at my dog’s a** and know whether or not it was him. You could probably blindfold me and I’d know his smell,’ one scoffed. 

Meanwhile, one dog groomer recalled a time they were in a similar situation. 

‘I am a dog groomer and I’ve only done this once. Both miniature Schnauzers, both exact same haircut, except one was a boy and the other was a girl. 

‘I didn’t second guess it because the one that I sent home with these people that ended up being wrong was a lot more excited to see them than their actual dog.’

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