I want to stop my hubby from buying gifts for his son – its a waste of money

A woman has come under fire after admitting that she does not want her husband to buy gifts for his son.

Despite people thinking she is ‘heartless’, she does not see an issue with her demands.

Wanting to save for a house, the 29-year-old woman and her 30-year-old husband have been scrimping and saving for the big purchase.

That means the pair had been cutting down costs and budgeting where possible.

And to save a bit of extra cash, the woman has now asked her husband not to buy his son a birthday present. Awkward!

Taking to Reddit to ask if she is in the wrong, the woman titled the post: “For asking my husband to not send his son a birthday gift?”

When she first met her husband seven years ago, she was not aware that he had a child from a past relationship.

She was fine with becoming a step-mum and the pair have since been married for four years.

Despite being fine with her partner spending money on his child in the beginning, the woman has now started to question that.

She explained in the post: “He has always sent his son birthday and Christmas gifts, and has sometimes gone to special events, and over the course of the time I've known him, he's definitely gotten more into his fatherly role.

“Over the course of this year, my husband and I have been saving up to buy a new house and we are getting pretty close to the amount of money we'd need for the one we'd like.”

She continued: “My husband's son's birthday is next week and my husband told me he's planning to buy him a Nintendo Switch and some games for it since the mother of his son told him he likes that stuff.

“I asked if the games were necessary, or if the Switch even was. My husband was confused and said it was a birthday gift for his son.”

To add insult to injury, the woman asked if there was much point in her husband buying the son gifts as he was not much involved in his life.

She said: “I said it was an expensive purchase, especially seeing as we're saving up right now, and that he isn't that involved in his son's life anyway so why should he have to buy him gifts.”

In response to the woman’s remarks, the husband questioned her demands and said she will not “understand” as she has no kids of her own.

“My husband said I don't understand because I don't have any kids of my own, especially not ones I don't see, and I don't understand the situation," she revealed.

The woman ended the post by sharing that her husband is still upset with her – but she doesn't know why.

“We've sort of moved on from the conversation and he's bought the gifts, but he still seems p***ed off at me.”

Shocked at the woman’s antics, many people fled to the comments to express their horror at her attitude.

One person commented: "Wow. The fact that you even let this come out of your mouth is reprehensible.”

“Your husband has every right to be angry with you, and frankly, to revaluate being married to someone who would behave so selfishly.”

Another user added: “He barely does anything resembling parenting as it is and you want him to do less ? Shame on you.”

And a third person noted: “Incredibly selfish and heartless of you to even suggest something so awful to your husband. Good for him for standing his ground and ignoring your moaning.”

Let us know in the comments if you think the woman is in the wrong!

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