I felt insecure about having one boob bigger than the other – but its normal

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    A woman has opened up about how she once felt insecure about having one boob larger than the other until she realised it was completely normal.

    Millena Ferreira Annechino, who posts online as @b_ukt0, has gained more than 294,000 likes on a video of herself flaunting her curves in a stripey bikini.

    The 18-year-old, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, confidently drew attention to the fact her right breast is bigger than the left by captioning it 'big girl' to parody the viral song Big Boy by SZA.

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    However, Millena claims she hasn't always been able to joke about it so easily as she was insecure about it for years.

    Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: "I have always been very insecure, especially in relation to the difference in my chest.

    "The size difference has been bigger before, but not so much that it gets in the way of the bra sizes I buy.

    "I have been feeling safer with time and a lot of work and therapy, it takes time but over time we can feel better about our body.

    "It came from family as my paternal grandmother had the same and I ended up having it.

    "But all women have some difference is normal. It just took a long time for me to realise it was normal."

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    She has since started making body-positive videos to help her embrace her look and has been stunned by the support she has received online.

    "I have always admired women who recorded videos for TikTok for body positivity," she added.

    "Since last year I have been posting videos that help women feel comfortable with their own bodies.

    "I was very happy with the comments of women identifying with my difference and thanking me for making them feel more comfortable. I don't let myself get shaken up about the bad comments because that's how fame begins."


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