How I Do It: 'Doing Onlyfans with my husband is making sex fun again'

For today’s How I Do It, in which a new person every week gives us a glimpse into what their sex life looks like each week, we hear from Monica, a 37-year-old OnlyFans model.

Monica suffers from low libido and bouts of depression and anxiety, so at times she struggles to keep up with her husband’s appetite in the bedroom.

As such, she encourages him to sleep with other women as a part of making content for his own Onlyfans page.

Describing her relationship with sex as ‘a mix between loving it and hating it’, she says she enjoys doing it on camera and that seeing her husband with other people ‘gets me really in the mood’. However, she also wishes she was in that mood more often.

Want to know how Monica and her husband have been getting on over the festive season? Say no more…


I’m in Los Angeles to film a two-day group shoot. It should be lots of fun as there will be plenty of girls I know coming.

I always feel relaxed about filming with women as they are so sweet and nice to each other. Everyone bends over backwards to make you feel at ease.

However, I’ve suffered from depression for most of my life, and lately I’ve been having quite a few bad days.

When I have a bad day, I can sit in a corner crying for hours not wanting to exist anymore. Depression makes me super unmotivated and tired, even when I’m having an okay day, but when it’s bad I don’t even want to leave my bed.

I’ve been worrying about feeling emotionally drained after the shoot, but I actually feel pretty great and am looking forward to it now.


The shoot was an absolute blast and I’m super excited because I know we’ve got some really great stuff.

Today, I worked with five photographers and did two full scenes with women again. The first one was with five girls, the other one was about 10 girls.

I was a bit worried about my sex drive, but I quickly got into the swing of things.

My libido is a constant concern for me and it’s been a struggle to make content for the past few weeks because my depression has been bothering me, but I feel like the worst has passed.

I hate being unmotivated and tired but this is what my depression looks like, I guess.

My anxiety is worse because it makes me feel pretty useless and just bad at what I do, especially when Onlyfans is a bit slow – then, my anxiety shoots through the roof.

I don’t like feeling stressed and anxious, it’s really not productive. Hopefully, that will get better.


I’m feeling a bit tired after yesterday but I’ve scheduled a session with my husband and another girl.

This will be fun as she’s super cute and so nice.

We’re shooting it at the mansion where we had the photoshoot yesterday, so that made it easier as I already felt comfortable there.

Lately, my husband and I haven’t had much sex outside of work, I just haven’t had the energy, so our sex life is definitely on hold.

I do discuss my libido with my partner. I think it’s low because of my depression, but hopefully that will get better with the new medication I’m about to start.

My partner is so understanding and is doing everything he can to make it better for me.

I do enjoy filming and that really gets me off. Also, seeing my partner with others gets me really in the mood. I’m very grateful for my life, and it’s making sex fun again.

At the end of the day, my husband and I both get into bed and have some lovely cuddles and alone time together.

I’m lucky to have such an understanding husband and he’s so supportive of me.

I’m also grateful that he has his own OnlyFans page so he’s satisfied.


Every week, I do a topless podcast while I interview guests and play some adult games and other fun stuff.

However, there will definitely not be any sex today, thank you very much. Yesterday was a bit much, and I’m kind of done for the week.

I’m also glad to be going home to our ranch in Arizona to see my kitties.

Even though I like to travel and see all my friends and do events, I’m quite a homebody. I love pottering about and it being just me and my husband.

I’m also feeling a bit stressed and down today and not really up for anything.

December always gets me in a dark mood even though it’s Christmas, although it might be because I’ve had two very long but productive days.


We finally got home from Los Angeles late last night so I’ve decided just to take it easy today and relax, although I have some content to shoot for my OnlyFans.

I’m super tired but I am hoping I’ll be up for it sex-wise.

Sometimes it’s hard to get in the mood when it’s for a film. I can already feel myself getting stressed about it.

Normally, once I’m in the moment, it all works out though.

When it comes to my depression my cats are like my service animals and they really make me feel better.

When I’m at home I hang out with them every day, having them for support is so awesome.

Today is also date night and that’s something I always look forward to as we like to get dressed up – even if we’re staying in.

Tonight we’re going out for dinner. We try to do it every Friday but sometimes it’s hard because of time.


Today, my husband and I do a video together.

As usual, I was worried about not being in the mood, but oddly I felt very turned on. It was fun!

I also manage to do some solo video and photos and I’ve got a friend coming over next week to do some bits together.

I feel like I’m definitely getting back into my groove.

The depression isn’t helping but it seems like I have it under control right now.


Today I went to the gym. I love working out, it helps me blow off steam.

I am so grateful to have the gym, it really helps with my mental wellbeing. I try not to miss it.

Sometimes it happens that I’m not up for it but I make it anyway, it’s always more fun to film when you have been working out and those endorphins are flowing.

It’s been such a long, crazy week so I’m not planning on doing much else apart from cleaning the house a bit.

Also, we are going out today to do some off-roading and camping.

Usually, we go out and make a little fire, bring some marshmallows and hotdogs. I love being outdoors and sleeping under the stars.

Filming and travelling can really get to me so it’s great to have this space away with my husband.

I love what I do, so I’d never quit, but when I’m this busy and struggling with my mental health, I do find myself thinking about the possibility.

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