How does the price of McDonald's compare around the world?

MCDONALD'S have over 39,000 outlets in 120 nations, which serve 68 MILLION customers daily.

Here we look at where fast food fans are charged the most to get their fix…

What country has the most expensive McDonald's in the world?

  1. Lebanon – Lebanon is home to the most expensive McDonald’s in the world.

Fast food fans there have to fork out a whopping £15.89 for a Big Mac.

Meanwhile a large fries will set you back £9.63 and a large coke costs £6.74.

Even children’s meals are super pricey ringing in at £15.89.

  • 2. Switzerland
  • 3. Liechtenstein
  • 4. Israel
  • 5. Samoa

What country has the cheapest McDonald's in the world?

  1. Indonesia – Indonesia is home to the cheapest McDonald’s in the world.

A Big Mac will set back hungry customers just £1.75.

Meanwhile a large fries costs just 1.13 and a large coke will ring in at just 62p.

And children’s meals are super cheap costing just £1.83.

  • 2. Malaysia
  • 3. Eygpt
  • 4. Pakistan
  • 5. Philippines

What is the most expensive McDonald's menu item in the world?

  1. Lebanon’s Grand Chicken Special, which costs a whopping £19.67 is the most expensive McDonald’s item in the world. 
  2. France and Monaco’s Signature Charolais & Sauce Aux 2 Moutardes comes in second at £10.44
  3. Israel’s Mega Tokyo burger, which is filled with fried mushrooms and Asian barbeque sauce is the third most expensive in the world costing £9.78

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