How Astrology Can Explain All that Royal Family Drama

Baby Archie has landed, which means Meghan + Harry and Kate + William are now all proud royal parents, ready for a new chapter of play dates, sleepovers and bouncy castle birthday parties (or REAL castle birthday parties) at House Windsor.

But what do the four parents really think of each other (did someone say feud)? What power dynamics are at play, both in public and private? For starters, here’s this chart of their basic compatibility:

And here’s what it all means:


Kate is in the lucky position of being the opposite sign of her husband (as well as sharing compatible rising and moon signs), and the same elemental group as her brother-in-law, making her naturally compatible with both men.

Capricorn (Kate) and Cancer (William) are opposite signs–this is the sign six spaces on from us, so it literally sits opposite our sign on the zodiac wheel. There is a strong, compelling bond between opposite signs: each person fulfills a part that the other feels they’re missing, so William and Kate create the complete package as a couple. On top of that, Kate is in the lucky position of having compatible rising signs and matching Moon signs with William–you could not ask for a stronger pairing than that!

Harry and Kate are also both Earth signs (as are The Queen, Kate’s daughter Charlotte, and baby Archie!). This means they very easily and naturally get each other. They see life the same way, share a similar sense of humor, and understand where each other is coming from even in moments of conflict.

But if you’re wondering where Meghan fits in with her relationship with Kate:


Meghan and Kate share a strong Leo presence (it’s Meghan’s Sun and Kate’s rising sign.) Both like to impress and warm their company, and always make sure other people are having fun. Kate’s Sun sign, Capricorn, and Meghan’s rising sign, Cancer, are opposite signs, which could reinforce this bond and make them extremely sound advisors for each other. They think and feel differently, but express themselves similarly, so they can teach each other a lot.

Their problems, if any, likely arise from perceived jabs to their egos from what they hear or misinterpret about each other.

What both of them also share, however, is a strong ambition. They got goals! Both Leos and Capricorns crave reward and recognition, and are prepared to work really hard to get them. They are both natural-born leaders and love to be in control. Their problems, if any, likely arise from perceived jabs to their egos from what they hear or misinterpret about each other (thank you, tabloid goss), rather than anything that happens face-to-face. Like most relationships, this one is strengthened and potentially joyous when they spend more time together.


Harry is the a triple earth sign (Virgo Sun, Capricorn rising, Taurus Moon) whereas William is a watery Cancer (his Sun AND Moon sign). Aka, logic meets emotion, pragmatism meets imagination, restraint meets exuberance, and flexibility meets rigidity. These two see life in almost completely different ways, but despite all they’ve been through, their experiences have likely been walked on parallel emotional pathways regardless.

For instance: William has always been more likely to express his feelings than Harry, to open up, and in meeting Kate so young, has had someone to bounce ideas off this whole time. Harry is a perfectionist Virgo, and tends to keep everything private. However, we’ve seen this change, in recent years, as Harry has opened up about mental health and his childhood. Harry has perhaps learned valuable lessons that expressing his feelings in a more public way is never a bad thing, and he may have his older brother to thank for that!


Interestingly, Meghan and Harry’s rising signs are also Cancer and Capricorn, just like Will and Kate’s Sun signs. This means that, to observers, Harry and Meghan are very demonstrative and in-tune romantically with each other. The looks of love we see passing between them are genuine and heartfelt.

Harry’s Taurus Moon vs. Meghan’s Libra Moon make for a total switch of the public personas.

In public, and on the whole, Harry’s (Virgo) natural desire to support someone he admires works very well with Meghan’s (Leo) enjoyment of being doted on. Harry loves boosting her up, while Meghan deeply appreciates her husband’s quiet steadfastness, intelligence and perceptiveness towards other people.

However, in private and on the occasions when the relationship is put under stress (ahem: Thomas Markle), a different dynamic emerges. Moon signs reveal more about people’s true couple goals, and Harry’s Taurus Moon vs. Meghan’s Libra Moon make for a total switch of the public personas. Libras love to be loved, and will contort into different shapes to fit their other half. They have an intense desire to be as one with their love as possible. Meanwhile, Harry’s Taurean Moon makes him more assertive and outspoken in private. This switch puts them on more equal footing, as neither person feels like they’re always bossy or consistently a pushover.


Earth and water are the dominant elements in this group, with some fire as well, but there’s only ONE presence of air–Meghan’s Libra Moon sign. While Kate and William’s total astrological compatibility make it easy for them to read each other, and Harry’s earthiness connects with them as well, Meghan is perhaps the only one yearning to connect on a more cerebral level. But Libra is a conflict-avoidant sign, so if or when Meghan has her fill of any issues, she’s more likely to create a nice expanse of distance between them until things improve.

As the newbie of the family, she’s also probably more sensitive to it all, as Libra Moons really want to be liked. But with all that grounded earth and emotionally-open water energy in the royal family, she’s bound to feel closer to everyone in no time.

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