Homeowner baffled after DoorDash driver scrawls '514' on her house

Woman is left baffled after DoorDash driver scrawls ‘514’ with permanent marker on her home during a delivery – as internet sleuths warn it could be a secret code used by THIEVES

  • A woman is seeking answers after a delivery man scrawled ‘514’ over her garage
  • She claims that the number has zero significance to her or her home address
  • The reason behind the DoorDash driver’s actions remain a mystery

A woman has embarked on a search for answers after a DoorDash driver scrawled the numbers ‘514’ on the façade of her house during a delivery.

‘Ordered food today… the dasher came and dropped it off, but then wrote 514 above my garage in permanent marker,’ a Reddit user known as yellowenthusiastt wrote alongside a photo of the baffling instance of vandalism.

She added: ‘It’s all caught on camera. I’m just really confused lol.’ 

In a separate post, the user shared the seven-second clip of security footage documenting the food-delivery man’s actions, which took place during the day.

A confused DoorDash customer took to Reddit in search of answers after a driver for the food-delivery service wrote the numbers ‘514’ on the façade of her house

The driver took the time to fetch a permanent marker from his car after delivering her order, which he used to committed the odd act of vandalism

In the video, the DoorDash driver can be seen walking up to the house carrying a black plastic bag containing the delivery order.

But rather than simply driving off, the man reportedly returned to his vehicle and grabbed the marker before walking back up to the house and inscribing it with the numerals. 

Only after he’d tagged the house with ‘514’ did he finally leave the premises, according to the user.

Among the most popular speculation in the 3,500-plus comments was a theory that the number was some sort of symbol marking the residence as prime pickings for would-be robbers. 

As one top-voted comment put it: ‘As someone from a South American s**thole, here in my country when a thief sees a house that can have stuff of value, they mark it to rob it later, usually with more people, they use different symbols and code to inform about what’s in the house (ex: dog, armed owner, high end tech, art, etc..).’

‘I don’t know how probable that is where you live at, but that’s the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw it, stay safe,’ the user added.

The original poster (OP for short) responded: ‘I’ve heard of things like this and I’m not gonna lie it crossed my mind. I don’t live in the nicest/safest of places but I can’t imagine someone doing this here. But thank you so much, thankfully I don’t live alone.’

However, in a different comment, she confirmed that she had reported the incident to police just to be safe – as well as to DoorDash. 

The Redditer, who goes by u/yellowenthusiastt, was totally in the dark as to the significance of the number

Redditors put forth a variety of theories on the significance behind the DoorDash driver’s action – but few could hold water in light of the observable facts surrounding the incident

Others speculated that perhaps the delivery man, acting on decidedly misguided good intentions, had endeavored to scrawl OP’s house number on the front of the residence after noticing that none was visible.  

Yet while OP admitted that they ‘don’t have our house numbers up (this was an old house we’re still trying fix up),’ she continued on to emphasize that ‘514 is not our address.’

She went on to speculate: ‘I could see if he was trying to be helpful and put house numbers up for us but… I don’t want the wrong number up in sharpie on the side of my home. Hopefully this is all just a misunderstanding.’

Someone else suggested that perhaps the driver hadn’t felt like making his next delivery – if it were hypothetically to an address beginning with ‘514’ –  then perhaps they’d written the number to ‘just staged a fake delivery photo.’

But that theory didn’t hold either as the security footage didn’t show the man pausing after the deed to snap a photo of his artistic endeavor. 

One amateur sleuth pelted OP with various ideas about the number’s significance.

‘I want to ask you. Does 514 mean anything to you? Was that the time of delivery? Was it your number? Your address? How much you tipped? Anything you can think of? Do you have 5 of anything visible from the street? Is 514 your door codes?’ they wrote.

‘I’ve thought of everything , and to all of those: no. i have no clue,’ the OP replied. 

To this thread, another speculator chimed in, pointing out that, according to a Google search, ‘514 is a “guardian angel number” so they could be a religious nut , which would align with writing it above the entrance to a house like religion often did to ward off evil. Always a chance he was in his mind “doing you a religious favor.”‘

In any case, the real reason behind the DoorDash driver’s odd act remains a mystery.

DailyMail.com has contacted DoorDash for comment on the matter. 

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