Hilarious snaps show epic fails from hair horrors to shopping fiascos

Reality bites! People share hilarious snaps that reveal how they had their expectations crushed – from haircut horrors to culinary calamities

  • People from around the world have shared snaps of when things went wrong
  • The hilarious photos were curated in a gallery by Doc Journals
  • Among the epic fails are shopping disasters, hair horrors, and a culinary calamity
  • One shopper who bought a chair was gutted to find it was doll house size  

Ever experienced the disappointment of having an idea in mind, only for the reality to end up totally different? 

That’s certainly the case for these people from around the world.

In a gallery curated by Doc Journals, people show off epic fails – times when things didn’t turn out how they wanted.

Among them are haircut horrors, a truly terrifying cake, and shopping fails when the item ordered online arrives looking dramatically different to what was advertised. 

FEMAIL rounds up the most hilarious pictures of people’s expectations being crushed by reality…

Ever taken a photo to the hairdresser, only to end up with something completely different? This guy did just that – and he doesn’t look too happy about it 

This shopper really should have checked the dimensions of this ring before buying it – though you can’t blame them for thinking it would be bigger than this…

A wannabe baker set out to make a cake that looked like the cartoon character Stitch. Well it has us in stitches…

We all know pictures can be misleading, but this is just ridiculous – this shopper was left disappointed with these MC Hammer-style trousers

Apparently this girl ordered this garment online in the hope it would make a beautiful prom dress. We can only hope she got a refund

Consider this another warning to check the dimensions before buying – this chair would be perfect – if only it were a hundred times the size!

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This customer had her nail art expectations crushed when she took a seemingly simple snake design to the nail bar and ended up with, well, this 

It was supposed to look like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Instead it this mask looks like something out of a horror movie

This is either the most deliberately misleading product description on the internet, or that girl is really, really tiny

When you ask for tumbling raven and red tresses, with a gentle wave. Then the hairdresser gives you this

It’s not only humans who take photos to the hairdressers. Sometimes pooches take pictures to the groomers. This poor mutt ended up with a horror haircut

How could you sleep with this truly terrifying teddy in your house? And why are the legs so ridiculously long?

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