Here's What It's Like to Be an RA For a Dorm Full of Adorable Penguins: 'It's the Best Feeling'

If you ever thought caring for a group of personable, cute and silly penguins would be a great job, you’re right.

Now you can see just how right you are thanks to Animal Planet’s new series The Aquarium.  Like Animal Planet’s show The Zoo, which goes behind-the-scenes of New York’s Bronx Zoo, The Aquarium offers viewers a personal look at what it’s like to work with wild animals everyday.

The Georgia Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world, is the facility at the center of this new show. The Atlanta-based aquarium is home to thousands of creatures, among them is a large group of African penguins.

In this exclusive sneak peek of the show, Georgia Aquarium staff members show a little of the day-to-day care their African penguins require. Employees like Dennis Christen, the aquarium’s senior director of mammals and birds, are so dedicated to giving these animals the best life possible, they often bring their work home with them.

“Working with African penguins is the best feeling,” Stephanie Link, a senior trainer of mammals and birds at the aquarium sums up in the above clip. “It’s almost like your animal at home. They can become your best friend, but it’s at work!”

To learn more about Link’s enviable job and the other inner workings of the Georgia Aquarium, tune in to the premiere of The Aquarium on May 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Animal Planet. 

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