Here’s How To Apply For A Yacht Tester Job To Get Paid To Live Luxuriously

For some, the concept of a dream job allows you to pursue your passion, no matter what it might be. For others, though, a dream job could enable you to live a life of luxury, or to travel as humanly possible. My idea of a dream job, however, lets you do it all at the same time. And if you happen to be passionate about boats, living large, and traveling all day, everyday, here’s how to apply for a Yacht Tester Job. Honestly, I’m totally grabbing my boat shoes, and filling out an application as we speak.

If you haven’t heard of Hush Hush, it’s basically an online store for those who like to ~live fancy~ (aka I am totally not their target market LOL). But, they just released a job opportunity that’s definitely up my alley. According to the website, Hush Hush is now hiring a "Yacht Reviewer," who is essentially required to travel across the world, living and testing everything on various yachts. That’s right — they’ll be examining everything from plug sockets, to doors, and even showers. At the end, they will write a detailed report of everything they find.

Compensation includes £1,000 per reviewed yacht (about $1,302 USD), according to the job posting, with the potential to earn £50,000 per year (about $65,102). Keep in mind that you must be hardworking, at least 21 years of age, have a valid passport, and most importantly, be able to travel on short notice.

While the job isn’t all fun and games, though, applying is easy peasy. Just navigate to the job opportunity on Hush Hush’s website. Then, enter your full name, email, phone number, and any related skills that might be of interest. Send it in as soon as you possibly can (they’re currently accepting applications, and appear to be picking one as soon as they find the "right person"), so "seas" the day, and hop aboard the application train.’s founder, Aaron Harpin says the brand wants to ensure top-notch quality across their website, according to the job posting. So this position will help see to it for their selection of boats.

According to the job posting, Harpin said:

It all sounds pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Whether you’re super into boats or if you simply want to get paid to travel, Hush Hush’s Yacht Tester job is definitely worth applying to. Luckily, applying is super easy, so make sure to fill it out with your personal information, and send it in ASAP. If you like big boats and you cannot lie, I can pretty much guarantee this will be up your alley. Anchors away!

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