Hello, Your Monthly Horoscope for October Is Here

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Yas, witches…Spooky season is finally here! Get ready for shorter days and longer nights. October sees us shift from relationship-focused Libra season into the deep and intense sign of Scorpio. I mean, it’s really no accident that both cuffing season and Halloween happen this time of year! But before you grab the black lipstick and start planning out your costume, it’s important to note that there is a blast of confusing energy in the stars to navigate first.

As the month begins, the New Moon in Libra on October 6 is placing the cosmic spotlight on love potential, relationships, contracts, and business agreements. This is not a time to initiate anything (or anyone) completely new (we are literally in the thick of Mercury Retrograde in Libra rn, babe!). Instead, take this as an opportunity to review, revise and change bonds that are no longer in harmony with you. I also must warn you to tread lightly with important communication, and take that pause before sending that triggered DM or email.

We can also experience new social restrictions with Saturn turning direct in Aquarius on October 10. Mercury and Jupiter will also move forward on October 18, and Scorpio season kicks off shortly after that, on October 23. Revisiting old relationship themes, mindsets, or even that ex-flame can all manifest for you. While the past is best left there, this time can serve as an opportunity for inner transformation and personal growth as you resolve old matters of the heart. It’s best to delay signing new agreements or contracts until the retrograde fog dissipates later in the month. Heads up: There is a post-retrograde shadow period that will last until November 3!

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