Guns N Roses just released their first new song in 13 years

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Sweet grandchild o’ mine.

Guns N’ Roses is welcoming ’90s rock fans back to the jungle with a smashing “new” single, marking their first new release in 13 years.

“New. Fn. Song.” wrote the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” singers on their Twitter page just after midnight Wednesday.

The scintillating single, titled “Absurd,” is the audio version of a song Guns N’ Roses performed at Fenway Park in Boston on Tuesday, Rolling Stone reported.

However, the track is not technically “new,” per se, as it’s a reboot of a previously unreleased tune they wrote, “Silkworms,” which the group hadn’t performed since 2001. The single was reportedly penned during the band’s “Chinese Democracy” sessions.

“Some of you might have heard this under another name, but this is really kind of absurd to try this,” G&R lead vocalist Axl Rose explained during Tuesday’s show. “So you heard it here first — a new Guns N’ Roses song.”

Indeed, it appears the “absurd” moniker is more fitting given the reimagined ditty’s lyrics, which kick off with the profane, self-referential verse, “Listen motherf—ers to this song that should be heard/Dragged down in the gutters/It’s more than you deserve/Screaming f—-ing banshee/You know that’s what you are/P—-y full of maggots/ Isn’t that absurd.”

Alas, “Absurd” isn’t technically G&R’s the first song in 13 years: the previously unreleased “Shadow Of Your Love” was unleashed with the “The Appetite for Destruction Box Set” in 2018.

The track can be downloaded via a variety of platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube Music.

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